And in the end the love you take

I am now at the end , a collection with enough to tie together one terrible act into a book of memories and discoveries that even I had not wanted to venture into. Now I regret ever asking my sister to say a prayer at our monument, but maybe with all that I have gone through and found out has made me a stronger person. If I have
to go to trial with my mountain of evidence I will probably be laughed at. In the last year with this suit of armor that I wear quite well, it
has made me feel better about myself. I had to stand and be treated so badly that it has made me a very sensitive person too. I have learned very much because it is true. What doesn’t kill you does make you stronger. I would like to thank many people for this .
Instead it seems that by me keeping this aware to many others has just been basically myself. I am the one who said from the beginning no one would get away with doing this to my family, and I meant it then and now.Even if it meant spending hours on the computer.
I kept this desecrated inscription not dissapear but remain in activity
by paying attorneys,
by making massive phone calls, and keeping a promise to myself to not stop until I could not do anything more.
This was my battle from beginning to end. Without any other help other than 2 more than me ,who I just needed for their help and strength and Clarence Conklin’s bravely taking pictures while the boys (police and detectives) yapped at his heals saying she does not own it, he glanced at them and said” then who does sons .” What an honorable friend we have. When he had an electrical fire at his home was that also not investigated? We beg him and his family to move down by us,but he does not want to leave his grandchildren,I understand but I was disturbed by how he was treated. What is going on there? You find the time to bother innocent people and can’t find the time to investigate a felony crime?
I wrote every word down until there is too much to be contained in one book, I will have to write another one. Once I started typing last year about the desecration.
I began getting too much information for just one, it would simply be
imposable to do any more writing. I will have to write the results for book number two. Even then as I look at all the information I received more than requested like a signed letter from President Harry Truman to my uncle Joe. It must be enough for book number 3!

copyright all rights reserved


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