And in the end..My love for the Beatles seemed to have either have started in the middle of the first or the last part of our teen years. It continues to this day and for the rest of it seemed to be an appropriate title  because it started me to look how  one can change our lives, either as a group or a person. I called it in my journal the end of the 60’s ,the beginning of the 70’s. Before and after them didn’t matter to my sister and me . We went on with our lives , much differently ,but she was my heart and always would be . Dallas(Dave’s Nickname) accepts this, no one else could understand the connection I shared with her since I was born  and waiting  for me to come home(she’s the only one who wanted another little girl.)

Thank you Marsh. I remember all of us waiting for Mikey , we both wanted him to be a boy ,and he relished his coveted title of first son. He was so fussed over and we ran after him all the time trying to grab and kiss him. He was ours, our parents were going through so much during that year and the next  . That even if they were home we all were allowed to run wild. I remember sitting next to a friend and throwing stones at cars going by. Why?I guess we wondered if we could hit one, I never thought I would and deny it till this day, but the other kid ran and I stood by and he saw me run right to my mama crying.(I

was called Sarah Bernhardt.) The man said I could have caused an accident , I just cried louder. The man must have thought he got his point across, and left. My mom didn’t yell, she looked at her baby girl and said “You were to young to know you could have hurt someone.” She blamed the other person involved and dressed me out of my messy clothes and let me choose my favorite blue one. Marsha never got into my escapades she was such a good girl ,and best of all never tattled on me. Our favorite things to do together.We loved our Barbie dolls and the cases that they came in(Marsha has the original Barbie with the pony tail.)Yes we still have them and I loved the movie Mary Poppins so much that’s what I got for Christmas one year She even had two sets of clothes and an umbrella but most interesting was her tapestry bag (you know where she had an endless supply of things you needed. There was a measuring tape, little plastic items like scissors,a comb,it was magical and I still have it.
Yes Marsha and I both kept them way past the time we stopped playing with them because we had been given them in the Barbie suitcases that are probably worth something but we could never consider selling them. Our mom could sew anything and we have the extra outfits she sewed for our Barbie dolls. I think she loved them even more than us

, but mom had the most fun . Getting on her sewing machine and making them seasonal clothes. Before she was married she would by fabric in Gimbals it

was  right next to Macy’s and she would sketch an outfit she wanted, buy the fabric and

presto she had made herself the outfit with her talent for sewing. This woman was loved.

James Rohner Mary Ann loved her for the first 30 years of her life. Until You and Your snooty friends started bothering with her and we did not pass inspection. When she

had your 2 boy’s was one of the few times we ever saw her again. You did not want them to know us, and oh how that hurt her, but you hadn’t hurt her enough you did not want your sons questioning about other relatives. Yes you came to approve of my mom’s sister’s family who visited when they heard she was sick after ignoring her for at least 40 years. My mom was getting threatening letters from her own sister my snobby Aunt Kay instead which made her ill.I told Donna what her
mom was doing to to her own sister,she was indifferent,you don’t need a weather man to know which way the wind blows!

Because uncle Joe left my mom more money. Mary Ann’s mother my Aunt Fran did not even want to sign on as his relative , and she wasn’t but my Aunt Kay’s

kids worshiped money like Rhoner . My Aunt wrote Mary Ann when she decided to divorce Bill Morgan and said” don’t do it.”Then she recanted (one of the first times in her life) when she saw how much money I mean Jimmy let Mary Ann spend she really ran through it until the day she died.My mom said ” if your not happy do what you want .” When Aunt Kay stayed away for awhile because she thought she might have to help my mom out or something when my dad died. She did not visit her for 7  years. My Aunt did not have to worry mom was a great investor and received his full pension only a few months after he died. He died August 25 and he could have retired on
his birthday January 14 when he would have been only 60 years old (dad you are a book in yourself which will probably kill me to write but I will do it for you, I have to make it up to you somehow dad.) You were A kind gentleman and that is very rare
(you warned me too.) I’m so glad you or mom did not have to see what I’m going through, it is killing me . Yes that must make them happy to know how we are suffering. What is wrong with my engraving? Nothing but the the names are wrong. My Dads is buried in a separate tombstone with his parents and brothers the front is written entirely in the Ukrainian language my mom could speak so fluently until her sister stopped it. Her children were so ashamed they said their mom was Yugoslavian or something (Kathy said
that and ruined our vacation,what a snob .She even spells her first name with an I instead of a Y how phony.) I talked to her on the phone and she said ” imagine having Donna for a sister. I was speechless I should have said how would you feel if
Marsha was your sister. Thank God she is mine to love and care for has she has shown me what strength she has and how proud we were of her. I think she is the kindest person I know which makes me strive to treat people well, even after this horrible act occurred she has pulled me through it . Thanks Marsh. Dave my partner who I learned to love more from how he first met her with open arms and loving heart. I know I’m hard to live with but somehow with our little dog Minerva we have our own little family. I could and would not want to live in a world without my sister in it. I am not lying I don’t think I could.
Somehow she has strived to heal me and the pain she saw I was in. Both her and Dave started bringing me little gifts, very
special ones every other day they said I was the glue that held them together. Maybe I am. All 3 adore me and even bought me art supplies that I thought I would not use but one day I started and it saved me from my thoughts and I remember my brother telling me about how when he showed grandma’s house one day a man offered him $600 for my Indian painting. What surprised me the most is that he did not take the money. That is why I brought it down here my brother was proud of that picture I had painted. I will never sell it. Dave and Marsha love my paintings of our dog Minerva. What can I say she is a perfect model and loves mommy’s attention as she tirelessly poses.

Uncle Ted Came With his family but no Rohner in sight.” I wonder why her husband didn’t come with her.” mom said. We already knew the answer he used our next door neighbor from hell

Don Clune as his plumber and Mary Ann was friends with his wife also named Mary Ann (she also has those awful black eyes that hide everything they are thinking.) I can look at are beautiful chamillion eyes that change with the color of the clothes you wear and tell how my siblings are feeling. Just one look and I can tell if someone is upset but the black eyed people who seem to have no pupils are impossible to read and that is scarey.

MY family had bought and flipped this house. Not to get away from the Jewells like Mary Ann told them. We were closer to where Marsha worked closer to Milford. The first Halloween we saw her and her creepy sister Suzanne go to their house and did not even glance at our house! My mom just said ” I wish you did not have to see that.”One day my mom walked her poodle over to see her brother “he said you only come when you want something!Had he forgotten that my dad who could also build things took apart our 2 car garage and gave it to him ,he also helped him with most of the houses my grandpa and uncle Ted owned. “His wife did not like my mom picking their plum tree. I would understand if they ate them, but if you ever saw my cousin Teddy and My Aunt Fran each one you knew were not great fruit lovers. They each weighed over 300

pounds and that’s what killed them GLUTTENY! Aunt Fran and our cousin Sue would rather watch my moms favorite fruit rot on the ground then have her take a bag home with her. My New Jersey cousins were the same way . they did not even send cards when my dad died. So why should they suddenly change and begum hypocrits (I read something my cousin Donna wrote that she liked to remember the past,we were a part of that past Donna! When money (Jimmy) showed up they had something for him

to be impressed by, the sport of drag racing’. They even invited them to my cousin kathy’s beautiful house for a lunchen, we were not invited. They must have taken the road mom had driven Mary Ann and her friends to buy their prom dresses . We also had Sue’s engagement party at our home. We were not to even meet either of their kids

when they were growing up. My mom said ‘she would not know them if she bumped into them.” Mean while Aunt Kay was seen all over Port Jervis driven around by Mary Ann, my mom saw her sister  and they waved to each other! Mom cried a lot before she died and I blamed one man James Rohner. My relatives were impressed by her second husband who they explained if they would say”look at my handsome husband,it would mean money instead ” my handsome money picked it out.” She played this guy like a violin and he ate it up. We would laugh as mom had to include so many adjectives for MONEY(handsome was the funniest.) Aunt Fran meet my handsome money! What a

faux pas! Yes he didn’t like that one or the times she would mistakenly call his newly adopted son little Bill.Oh No!

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