Some add ons and ons

By engraving that black heart shaped stone with just his last name in large capital letters on the front and the back he  is reaffirming what I said

from the beginning that this was a hate crime against Ukranian names. My tombstone is 100% Ukrainian and few know that 8 million more of us were killed off during the holocaust than Jewish people. This also proves that his use of the word Ukes was derogatory.

 This also proves by just Rohner he affirmed all along his hate for foreign names. Was she born with his last name (NO) she was born Mary Ann Suchoruke,by his omission no one knew who her parent’s were. The were my aunt and uncle Frances and my mom’s brother my uncle

Theodore Suchoruke. You are just as I said an arrogant snob, who thinks and has gotten away with things others would have been put in jail for, and have been since  the law of desecrating tombstones is now a felony crime. I wonder what the people

the police find worthy to arrest for much less of a crime feel when they see him strutting around with his pals the Port Jervis police and detectives! Why aren’t they speaking

up . If  James Rohner  wanted my Ukrainian engraving off all he had to do was

go to the owner of the cemetery, his other buddy Shaun Parker ,and  right    as I found

out through all the information.I learned there is a clause you should all know about

Gray memorials Inc the ones you pay for the engravings have just as much of a right as the owners

to remove their inscriptions. Yes any day of the week you can go in there and smash the hell out of someone’s beloved memorial, because you didn’t like them.

Uncle Joe was thought and treated like a leper when he came home from fighting in

WW2 .My mom was the only one to keep in touch with him, he left the bulk of his estate to her, I’m using that money the minute it was partly mine by going to the

humane society and writing them a check for $1000.I am also the one who raises funds for survivors of Chernobyl. I am a good person, I sleep well at night not with

evil in my mind. When he told me the family wanted the inscription off I said” I’m the family, I have never even met you,” but I lived with my grandpa while my mom nursed for the emphysema he was dying from.

The asbestos that he had to use while building houses.  When he came here after losing his 1st family  he came to escape the memories, the same as my grandma who I never met. My mother at 21 and just graduated from college chose that tombstone .

I always went with her when she would plant flowers and I would carry the watering

can. All  we loved was the peace and warmth in our hearts remembering. We knew anyone who has an inscription put on does it because they loved or cared for them. It

was one place where you just saw love and caring it was a comforting place to go to .

Now I know what Parker meant when I found out last year he  said ” just take care of your sister Nancy.”

He did not want to lose Rohner as a client . He had so may relatives,why bother mine?

Doesn’t anybody remember how used he is in getting his way. The rose garden on canal street was admired by all, it was so beautiful.A man had donated his estate to the city,so everyone would have something so lovely to see,it even paid for the upkeep ,so that it always was cared for.

Then we were told that the new firetruck needed more room and the rose garden was,replaced byRohners Taj Mahal. Just down the street from him, and I found out why the Pastor was so rude to me ,he was chosen to be their Chaplain and he gets paid for that too(is that why you hid my documents so long and God only knows what else you didn’t give me .) Maybe your friend Rohner has them,to tell someone who was only asking if my mom;s files were still there, you had too much of an attitude and told me

not to call again. “That’s just what the police said, that’s what the detectives said and I

was told by detective Worden that I should not be upset over something so trivial. The 1s’t detective was (how much can I bench press) today Mike Myers. The law firm

they had was Bavoso,Plotsky,and Onofry They had used the the same word and phrase this is a trivial  family matter. NO.   Why would they do this to anyone for that matter. Then I remembered what Mary Ann told us when she was leaving funny handsome Bill Morgan. She said Aunt Fran I’ll always love him

but I can’t stand that dog of his. She told him it was either her or the dog ,he chose

the dog, and Mary Ann said that “she will just pretend it’s him when she was looking at money oops I mean Rohner. She said he has money and I’ll teach him how to have fun with it. She said he was ugly and a nerd

and she grimissed at the thought of touching him. My mother said if

that will make you happy you should do it. I knew something awful was

going to come from that set up, but never as bad as it did.  She would be his first girlfriend and really easy to get.

Mary Ann got a waitress job where he ate his breakfast and she asked him out, he was easy to get just like she said.

How different were her husbands ,one we all loved and the other didn’t want to know of us. I remember the engagement announcement James Rohner is going to marry Mary Ann Morgan (he liked that Anglo Saxon name. We were at there house once and we all wondered why they lived in such a dump (a brown bathroom?) but we felt unwelcome and never went there again. Even when her uncle Bill(my dad) died my mom said why didn;t her husband come with her? Her girl friends even were asking what a change in Mary Ann,at least we can remember the 1s’t 30 years,she was always at our house we had her

sister;s engagement party at our house,we took the train to the city together and she

always made us laugh. I even said to a friend “I think my mom loves her more than me.”I still think it was true I had to decide at the age of ten that I would never have children. I love my sister so much and don’t think I would want to live in a world with out her. She is the one I go to when I’m upset about losing something  she say’s

“Nancy keep looking in all the places you might have put it, then go back and look again.” and its a strategy she uses to calm me down. From the time I had looked in the 1st place until the time I would tell her I had lost something. The second time I would not be frantic. I was calmer  and there it would be. She learned to drive because no one wanted her in their car. Not even Mary Ann who my mom said came to our house  any time there was a problem.She was in her light blue mustang my uncle bought her,he would have given her the world . When she came to pick us up in 3 minute with my arm bandaged up from playing in the house and my brother slammed a glass door at me and it shattered. She told me “Nancy your mom’s more upset then you.”after

the wedding to Rohner that I did not attend (thank you Marsh for getting drunk at the wedding .) It was the first and last time she ever drank and it was bad enough that she has not even had a glass of champagne or any drink after that hangover of all hangovers. Marsha I’m so glad you ruined that wedding. Thank you again and so does mom. I know she’s close to me sometimes and I hear myself nagging Dave just like my mom did with dad. Mary Ann always loved to tell the yard sale my mom had while my dad was at work, she  tried to stop her aunt from selling his l all the things he loved. his own bowling ball and especially his hard earned custom made gulf clubs.

My dad would always win and get free beers ,mom had to stop those fun times somehow!

When Rohner said that she wanted her aunt’s inscription off, that was not true.I asked her if I could because we saw her wasting away,and if she had said yes I would have respected her wishes. I have the only documents of ownership but what he has put us through was not something money could not heal. He made us feel like ,she hated my mom and that was not true . they even had a special  code only

my mom got confused about it sometimes. Mary Ann said whenever she would see her , she said whenever she would show us something and she would say” my handsome husband got it for her. Now this is what she wanted  my  mom to remember any time she called him handsome she would mean money. One day they met at a store and Mary Ann said my handsome money picked it out . We all got the giggles even she joined in ,but not Rohner (he had that if looks could kill we would have died right at that hilarious moment! )We all missed her until the day she died May 15 my brother’s birthday. He cried when he heard me tell him that. He is

married and happy,but Mike and his wife our jealous of my non committal relationship. I like to leave without having to ask permission.I adore my freedom,and I’m the only one in the world with my name(cool.)Dave pays the bills I just have to sell a couple of pieces of my art works a year and they hate me for this.

When my friend Peter lost his son to suicide(he was a jumper.) Pete said you love art Nancy and he left me 2 Andrew Wyeths, 10SalvadorDali’s and my favorite Erte ‘sculpture of star struck. Thanks Pete!Over the year I have amassed enough of my own art and others to have to have private showings to sell them One of my neighbors down here sold me their 1999 mazda miata convertible(they were taking off for places unknown.)  In their RV that cost more than their house she said”Nancy will baby it just like me.”

What a car under 9500 miles on it and I can plug it in an outlet to keep it charged up,I can leave it like Rip Van Winkle and that car would turn over and purr like a kitten. When I took it to my mechanic he looked at the engine and his jaw dropped.

He said you better get it before she changes her mind. They took only $4000 for it.,and next year I can drive it in the antique car show. Judy said Nancy”promised me to

always garage it,and wear the red visor that matches. The way I drive that hat must be somewhere in the Atlantic ocean by now ,the minute I put my petal to the metal

that thing flew off my head the first day I drove it. To save miles Dave takes me everywhere and everything s pretty close to our house, but I don’t want it anywhere near 10,000 miles. so I’m always scrounging around for people to take me with them . I yell over to our nice neighbors and say”is anybody going to wal mart today?”

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