Who Owns St. Mary’s Cemetery? The Catholic Church!

I was fighting a losing race but because I was not informed by anyone that

knew this they are guilty by omission. Thats why the police and detectives were so infatic whenever they told me” no you don’t own your grandparent’s tombstone.” I thought Shaun Parker was committing perjury by having this written in front of a notary. It took me a long and agonizing search to find out the answer to what I thought was a simple question,he

owned it,yes thats right the contract doesn’t jump out and explain to you what perpetual care is. All it means is that they will pay the taxes and maybe some insurance (I have not found that out yet) and they have someone to take care of the maintenance of the grounds. They have the right of ownership. You might think that the tombstone you buy from them is yours.

That’s what I thought all along and how wrong I was was shocking! He could let his friend sandblast my paid for inscription because he allowed it.

They always used that phrase” Oh no you don’t”even after the senate passed the laws for desecration to become a felony.It is up to the owner of the cemetery if they want to press charges,it looked like an easy win situation.

What a long learning session and tremendous amount of typing and calling

lawyers who said it’s a family matter and that there was a conflict of interest don’t want every Tom,Dick,Or Harry know ing a terrible secret, anyone can go up to a tombstone if he is friends with the owner or the police in this case.

Shaun Parker Is at least part owner,he even has the right to remove the tombstone that you paid thousands of dollars for and send it to the moon

if he chooses at least he put it back after he had someone sandblast it. Thank you! I paid for the engraving and he said”yes you did but I know you don’t own it!” I was very sure he had perjured himself. The truth is even worse his pal James Rohner who many look up to for his community

service asked that my Ukrainian homage to my mother and my uncle was

sandblasted off he got his wish and I could not do a thing about it. Some

good did come to me from those appalled as we all were. By putting my ad

and the offer of a reward for $1000 I got some things money can’t buy. One

kind man who was in the ranks with my uncle and hands us a large scrapbook that we treat like the holy grail. What was inside of that dusty old scrapbook was a wonderland of letters,notes,cards, and pictures that money can’t buy, I treasure them.He would not take my reward he said ” you have

been through your own little war little lady.” I had my friends and family around me and we all cried when he said that. My Dave had come into my office too many nights with my head on the keyboard sound asleep,he would carry me to bed and make all the right buttons to save what I had been typing away on for most nights restlessly until my head would droop and the typing was done for that night but I was usually found in that office if I was any where, I posted almost 80 blogs in less than 3 months. I don”t think I will be able to stop. You were right Det.Warden I

was obsessed about the desecration what would have been more disturbing

is if I was not! How would you feel I always asked them, no answer was ever

given. The reaction we got in Florida was total outrage. Anyone we showed the pictures to were flabbergasted that no one was being investigated or

arrested, some even got sickened by what they were looking at. Just as we were. What was so wrong that he hated my mother for loving Bill Morgan or

for her inheritance from my uncle. I don’t know I only called him once when I first found out and all he said was ‘buy your own tombstone.” and

then he hung up. I called Shaun who just said ” just take care of your sister Nancy,” and then he hung up. What I had to do for over a year was enough to feel like I was being tortured. Remember 8 million more Ukrainian people were killed in the holocaust then Jews,he wanted to add me to the list I am 100 percent Ukrainian and so was Mary Ann I even have a foundation for the survivors of Chernobyl . I looked at the pictures of my cousin Mary Ann’s tombstone her husband had just his last name on the front and the back,there was no mention of who she was the daughter of I knew from the start this was a hate crime against the Ukrainian names I had added to the back of their own parents stone why else would this bother anyone and why such hate in a cemetery. What I did was out of love and Shaun knew that I apologized when he called me and said Rohner had come to his office screaming at him, but they never mentioned sandblasting it off.

Shame on you Sue for going along with that, Mary Ann was under so many drugs I don’t blame her, but Sue did you really have to agree with such a horrible thing. I know how hard your life was and how Charlie

destroyed his beautiful family by being charged with statutory rape. We

all saw you lose so much weight and you even changed your last name back from Mrs. Charles Romer to your maiden name Sue Suchoruke I

don’t think you ever got over it and still harbor a lot of bitterness that will never go away. It was easy for Rohner to get you riled up to do anything

that was still eating you alive! Mary Ann never got over it either. I am so

sorry that monster destroyed your perfect family and you would never be the same again. My mom even had your engagement party at our house

and your wedding was so nice We Only Just Begun still brings back

memories of the two of you. What a nightmare for you, but why take it

out on mom. Was it only the money? I guess so everything comes back to

that. Mom was the only one to stay in touch with him or his estate would have gone to Pa. Remember your mom did not even want to sign a paper in case he owed someone money and Aunt Kay was like a vulture her

husband handed my mom the statement with her name on it. No one else could have cashed it. All of you would have done the same by then

we were a family divided. Caused by two men one with pure hate.

I only asked for an invitation to your burial so I would be sure it was true.

Hate will eat you up, maybe that’s how you get it when your heartless.

P.S. thanks you all without my ad I would not have the honor of owning

the scrapbook  that had a letter to my uncle from President Harry Truman thanking him for serving our nation! It is on

the  white house paper with the crest and written and signed by the President to my uncle himself!  authentic and appraised at a minimum

of $6,000. I won’t sell it though, I was told by the man that most of what he brought me any VFW museum would want to display. He even

apologized for not bringing it to me sooner, imagine that someone told

me they were sorry to me. I will never hear it from those 2 men and that is all I really want. When you look in the mirror you will see on your faces  you both look older it’s hard to keep a secret without it eating at you. Maybe that’s why people get sick they are filled with hate we just feel sorry for you for having to remember the sorrow

that you caused and will never forget not for one day.,

Your faces look older not ours we did not purposely and callously cause

anyone pain you did that’s why you’ve all aged so much in such a short time you got caught and even if it’s only a handful that think less of you

Why would anyone feel they would feel or look the same after seeing

before and after pictures. I still thank the engraver for having an honorable job and doing it well . I wonder how the man who removed his

beautiful work felt as he sandblasted it away?copyright all rights reserved


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