I have been brushed away like the ashes  I just asked for justice not money Not anything that was not supposed to be done. In my case I was ignored I put ads In and got results I typed 74 posts and got results ,Don’t people understand how hurt we are . this was our family . I own this tombstone, it was violated and desecrated. I feel sick about the police and detectives who did nothing for us .NOTHING. Why? We should have at least an investigation ,why did I have to do everything myself. How can you sleep at night. What if someone smashed up your families tombstone? Would you call it frivolous. What cowards you are you al l stick together there is not one honorable man in the bunch who will come forward and say ” this was wrong we have to do our job. WE have to make sure this doesn’t ever happen again.” No I will never hear those words I v’e prayed too long they are not going to ever help!Where is the mayor during this. Is he condoning it. If he knew he has the rights to fire the inept and uncaring police and detectives involved. You sir are not using your higher authority. That is why your there to make sure these men do their duty. Why don’t you talk to them about not being able to choose like they are playing a game. They are

there to protect everyone in town,not just a select few. Please respect your

term in office by setting a lawful example.

I can’t put into words how we feel  towards Port Jervis authorities but outrage. Any one who sees the pictures are sickened. You laughed and behaved like brats playing with a hurt mouse . I’ll never feel safe in that city and how can anyone else? A man that used his power over younger and

intimidated  police got his way and they loved helping him get away with a federal crime. Go there for me and look at it again, wouldn’t you feel upset?  then there is something wrong, you don’t think it was damaged enough?

Did you want it leveled and a new one put up . Like the rose garden nobody even sees the replaced one on the other side of town. You have made my inscription dissapear . How does that feel? We loved them you read the inscription they were loved.

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