Michael is our brother but we don’t know him.He doesn’t live close. In our eyes anyway my beautiful brother. You were more hurt because dad did not really make sure we were his friends. Another thing I know why now Mike.

No matter what you thought I did want you to have kids ,just you. So did Marsha you should have someone who adores you and wants to see images and traces of your looks in little faces. I know why you chose this one though and I am to blame. You should remember to have a mind of your own you did not have to make the same choices as me. I’m 3 years older I had to and wanted to step up. You just never wanted to grow up. Everything was on my

shoulders and you liked adding weight to them. Only in our early teens were we close we both loved tennis and hiking. You took me to the rod and gun club to learn to shoot a rifle, I was at a birthday party and many balloons were flying in the open sky. Someone would just name a color and I could hit it just like you told me to do. The most fun was when we went golfing together at Rockhill.. I know you probably wished it was not me but

someone else but I did not care we always had a blast. In Playtogs we would go to the sport center and happily pick out the exotic African animal paper

figures you would be using with me tagging along. They had these haystacks by Delaware Valley school and you carefully showed me with

your latest interest which was shooting with crossbows just where they were supposed to go in their majestic paper bodies I always caught on quick and impressed you. Can’t we ever remember things like that again? I quess

we can but not talking about the past was your main rule . The last time I heard from you was when the act occurred.I can still hear the rage when you screamed ‘all of it!”You gave up on us for what he did and I understand.

Just because I had found out I had to work on getting it right I knew you had too much of everything already ,you knew I would not let go especially mom. It was always me and her always and I told them both I would never give up no matter what,Ive kept my word they will never know peace ever

again as long as I live and breathe. That kind of evil needs to be destroyed.

In my manner. Step aside little boys,  I’ll make

sure it’s done in my fashion. You know by now I don’t lie I just get things done when the time is right and none of you are ready.

copyright all rights  reserved


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