If you are a Christian?

One of the last words I heard from Mary Ann was that she was a Christian.

I was a little taken aback because she was under so much medication,we

could see she was not focusing. She sipped her tea and barely glanced at us,

my mom was on the coach next to her, but to Mary Ann it seemed like she

did not notice that her aunt(my mom) was also dying. They were in the same boat but mom did not suffer pain. God knew she had suffered enough while young and healthy. When mom died I had her cremated and Shaun

Parker kindly told me “I know what you went through” his dad died from the strange disease of diverticulitis.

No one else came to see us not my cousins and definitely not James Rohner .

I had been giving her pictures of her and her cousins Donna and Kathy who

did not even attend her wedding to this man who they suddenly were taking an interest in when they hacked into his bank account. Oh suddenly they

were being invited to Kathy’s gorgeous home . We were not invited. When

I was walking home one day several months after mom died I saw her going in her car as my brother said I was moving to Florida. I said to her “you were never the same person after you married that pig.” This Christian woman looked at me with such hate I flinched, she slammed the door.  I did not know that Christian means you are filled with bitterness and hate, she ran to Jimmy and they both thought of the way to get back at me was to sand blast my tombstone. If I had waited 5 minutes to walk the dog home none of this would have happened. He asked her to talk to me when I moved down here and she said no. The person who made the choice to desecrate was our bitter drug filled cousin Mary Ann, even Shaun told me” Mary Ann was still alive when they wanted this done.” She suffered 10 years and we should have cared more I know that now . We were somehow to blame for being healthy and kind. One of her best friends was our next door neighbor Mary Ann Clune they were mad as soon as we moved in, she would park on the

other side but mom would see her walk in to their house and act like she did not know the woman next door who loved her so was seeing this. She did not care with that horrible mother of hers saying ‘ were better then them now” yes the 15 year old tramp who weighed over 300 pounds now was running the show. She was used to having her own way she taught her kids the same

way. They would see Marsha and say “hi” and leave. If they saw her walking with something heavy to carry they would drive right by. My New Jersey

relatives were now her side of the family ,we ceased to exist. After my uncle

left more to my mom it was after she had ignored us for over twenty years anyway. We went there once to her house so hideously decorated { a brown bathroom!) and firetrucks as art. It was ugly and I wanted to leave the moment I came, and I did. She was unbearable. She said to my mom when mom politely apologized for having to evacuate. She looked at mom like she did not know her and said ‘my husbands out there.” We were not even offered a glass of water when I tried to get to my friends house I did not know how early it was and they did not answer the door . We were trapped there until the water receded. Whenever it happened again we knew not to

go there. You don’t go where your not wanted, the girl that we loved was nonexistent. We saw what money had done ,it had made her into a member

of the Catholic daughters.  When I called to ensure my ownership of the tombstone. I heard her screechy voice that sounded suddenly very much like her mother’s say” what does she want?”The prayers did not help when your heartless do they? You once broke up with a guy because he was too religious, now you’ve got your karma you heartless being who never knew love and money were very different things ,to some they are the same. They are the ones whose faces would crack if they had to smile at you . The ones who would jump in there car or cross the street if you were spotted. Sorry mom she killed you many times before you were even dead.

copyright all rights reserved


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