Direct Cremation

The President allowed  people into this country knowing that they had

the contagious ebola disease with that in mind you are in danger of getting

infected with something  there is no cure for.  The federal government

has now been instructed to contact funeral directors to stop the process of embalming. Some people do not even question having a loved one embalmed. They don’t realize the barbaric way they go about this insane

procedure. Basically they remove all the blood left in the body and replace it

with a fluid that delays the natural process of looking as if someone had just

died. That way they can sell you a coffin so that you can view the body

longer and have viewings and open caskets. The Jewish religion does not

do this. They have a respectable time to honor the deceased,but they are

not  out choosing caskets. They do not have bodies embalmed with a

hazardous chemical that eventually effects natures heartlands by endangering the earths future with it’s poisonous destructive properties.

Will this put a stop to something so wrong,I hope so. Direct cremation does

not mean you can’t pay a loving tribute to a family member or friend, nor does it mean that you can’t bury them and have an engraving done so that

you can have the dignity of going there to remember them with loving,kind,

and happy thoughts . That is everyone’s right to be able to do.


copyright  all rights reserved


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