I do not go where I get the creeps.

In my senior year of high school I joined th e Junior Achievement , in walked Lynn Gillinder she was having it a little rough by not being able to drive for a little while. We walked home together since we lived close by. I was making small talk to
someone you usually had to get the nod from in order to talk to her. That did not matter to me now because I had discovered from KennyLane what girls actually had to do to be popular! This was a few days after the accident that killed her two classmates and friends, I saw her looking at the newspaper with her sitting on the back seat waving as the car drove the homecoming car around , was I the only one who found this disturbing? She turned and said they could have have taken a better picture of her didn’t I think? It was the first time I actually looked at her, Her eyes were black,the kind you can’t tell how a person is feeling. Those black eyed people always freak me out its like a veil they can hide behind. She called my house mom
said” why is she calling you?” I explained about Junior Achievers, she wanted someone to walk with her I was the closest. I
told her that I was a Beatles fanatic and there was a special on that night and hung up,also one of Bobby Jewells friends was
kicking my chair during the whole thing. I don’t go someplace that gives me the creeps! You were that creep Ron Simonson,

you must have thought I liked you or something.I just knew that your father was arrested with my next door neighbor Bobbby’s

daddy Dick Jewell. Right across my house there was a warehouse , that is where they were arrested for selling copies of

tapes illegally,as I said I was surrounded by bullies!

copyright  all rights reserved


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