Lollipop Mountain Take A Walk On The Wild Side

I guess I was still young and naive When this hit the papers. It seems there’s a spot on the top of RT.84 that truck
drivers pull into take a short break. There are no facilities,but they sure had a lot of them pulled over. My kid brother
always had a CB radio going to hear where fires were and car accidents.Imagine my surprise when I had to sell my grand
ma’s house, the real estate guy said “is your brother Michael ?”I thought to myself who knows him! We all loved lone sports and
I found out through his latest obsession with camera lenses and tri-pods that he was going out of the house and taking the pictures of these gruesome events. I bet he wished he was old enough to take some cute ones at the truck stop! It seems women
with time on their hands had found a way to keep them busy and compensated. After it was in the papers I thought every thing was stopped (I know better now stupid me.) It continued and I even heard one of the trucker’s ask if Jane Kowell was still around.
I ran around and told my family what I had heard. They were not surprised,how do you think their daughter got to be HEAD
cheerleader they joked. I felt sick about the whole mess and should have learned the police were in on it too. correction in it too!

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