We Can Take Care Of Ourselves Self Government!

I am always learning something knew about how our country is run, I don’t know why these last few things have me believing the only way is self government. Yes I believe it would work much better than what we have now. Next we will stop paying taxes, only multi millionaires should be made it mandatory for them to give to charities. If they just gave 5% of their wealth it would

make this a better country. They already pick the President with their donations and look what were facing now! We don’t know how many have ebola and the journalists are being censored. This is sounding more like communism. Police are allowed to pick and choose who they will arrest! That was when I learned about community service,they sure don’t do it for any old reason, they get in the clique. The mayor whoI thought ran to improve the city is actually running for the power he will have, he

can fire a policeman and if the counsel is either mostly democratic or republican he can change a lovely town into one filled with section 8 people that have ravaged and downgraded it.

That’s what Art Gray did he even changed the amount of terms from 2 terms to God knows how many now. If a Policeman has the right to choose who to arrest, this is no longer justice for all, but justice for some! I t is a simple conclusion I’ve come up and with no police and no schools guess what no taxes!

I believe in it 100% we can govern ourselves. Home schooling is so popular because all the teachers have answer books I’m sure you can spend more quality time with your children and not have to worry about bullies. If they want to play

sports fine but don’t always have the kids whose father is a relative of some big shot always getting on the team. I have a

solution for that. Put their names in a hat I if the kid wants to play a sport or two ask him. Don’t force them like a lot of parents do.Barry Farace hanged himself while his father was a principal in Port Jervis . He even held one of his kids back a year

for not getting better grades. This monster drove around in the station wagon his son used to make his noose,he weeded that one out it seemed only winners counted for Mr.Farace! Every time I saw that station wagon I got goose bumps but they

all were happy they now had the perfect family Today I found out Robert Onofry Is not only the Surragate Court Judge He is one of the members on the N.Y.

Supreme Court he’s got his nose in everything. Now I know why I was being treated so badly he knows me. He was my attorney when I sold my

grandma’s house he also represented Orange West who sold it(never have the same attorney, always get your own or represent yourself.)They

did not tell me when the closing was. One day they had it and told me to remove my things. I had started too already so I had most things out of there in storage. I forgot iIhad promised to leave my mom’s old sewing machine and they got very mad at me and would not let me retrieve anything left in the house. I only had 2 bags in the yard to get . I called the police who knocked on the front door so that we could get them. The man looked out the window but did not answer the door. The officer with me could have just reached over and handed me the 2 bags,but he didn’t. What cowards these men are,I found out that some of my most precious possessions were in those bags. All they had to do was call me the day before and tell me when the closing was I would not have lost my kaleidoscopes,my favorite Ipod of music, my collection of N.Y.C. cows that I had slowly acquired when they were on display(small replicas of course but I still miss them.) I did not know Onofry just had to be at the closing I thought I had to be informed as well. If only for common courtesy I still do not understand why they did that to me. People are

puzzling it is just as easy to treat someone kindly, yet in so many cases they prove to treat them cruelly instead. Maybe they feel that they have to have something to say at confession?

We won’t have taxes. I learned something today that made me decide we are better off, just be armed and alert there will be no more crimes. You won’t have to call the police. They usually turn around and decide your the bad guy anyway. What

happened to me is unreal I found out my inscription had been sandblasted off. I called the Port Jervis police and was told it

was a family matter and to get an attorney. I told them who did it, because he said get your own tombstone. He had threatened Shaun Parker that he would not buy another stone from him if my loving epitaph that I had paid for each letter that amount came to $852. I also learned they have Medical Examiners Instead of coroners so Mr Parker must have been to

busy playing golf to do that job right,he could not fill his dad’s shoes. He is smart  but lazy imagine how many people got away with murder with Shaun as coroner. Maybe there should be something to look into if you had doubts about his conclusions,now is the time to do it with DNA they can find out for you just ask to have the body exhumed maybe your hunch was right. Rohner with his braces and new wife who met at hospice is enough reason to have her exhumed.

He is in his chosen profession long enough to look in his files to see that I owned it. He said he knew I didn’t own it what

is going on here a non blood relative with no documentation of ownership was being listened to because his name is

James Rohner. When my cousin died soon after he bought a large black heart shaped stone with only his last name ROHNER on the front and the back.I told the police when I heard what he had done I said it was a hate crime against her Ukrainian heritage. I had called Mary Ann and asked If she had any plans for the use of the back for our

100% Ukrainian tombstone she had fought a long battle and was undergoing chemotherapy so I thought to tell her after

my mom died I was going to have it engraved,she said it was fine with her and even laughed about the time she was

using the code word handsome to win over Rohner she slipped up and said to my mom my handsome money got it for her,

mom said he did not find that funny at all! I’m laughing thinking about it is hilarious.I never met him but I certainly heard

enough especially since she dumped most of her friends and family to spend most of her time  with his. One lived next door his

name was Donald Clune he had learned everything he knew about plumbing and electrical work from his sister’s husband.

Mr. Cheshire took his brother in law along as his apprentice and once Mr. Clune learned everything he went out on his own. He

made his prices lower than his nice brother in-law and practically put him out of business. His kids found their dad one day

hanged in the basement. Yeah Clooneys a great friend to have! His wife was a piece of work also we moved to get away from bullies but in Port Jervis they are every where they had a hound dog that they laughed at our complaints about his constant

howling. He would strut in the street to get ready for his run that he took every day. One time my brother was riding to our house on his bike and the guy said f u. They seemed to think we were terrible neighbors our dad died there and they did not

even bring the howling thing in then. They were my cousins friends and she would stop in to see them and not even glance at our house. I think the estrangement was because my mom inherited my uncle Joe’s estate. She was the only one that

bothered with him I can still remember going to see him in Philadelphia. He took us to all the historic landmarks and the trolleys they have there are cool. But Marsha and the rest of us were starving, we saw an ice cream truck and begged mom to get us some. He said no I have something good at home for you to eat.My mom who was a dietitian listened to him

because she never liked us to eat many sweets. We finally got to his house he was a hoarder there was no place to sit down.We went upstairs and everything was covered just like on that show on TV. He went into the kitchen because he was

going to feed us this feast of his that he promised. We squeezed into his little townhouse kitchen and he pulled something out that we had never seen before it was a canned ham,we were supposed to be thrilled, all we remember is almost passing out at the jelly covered mess. We refused to eat it we continued to starve.That seemed to be the only food in the house! He said to my parents as we ran to our car ‘next time don’t bring the kids” No problem!

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