Who Ya Gonna Call ?

I now understand the system and it stinks. Now they want to pass a bill so that you will not have the right to own a gun 35433 do not pass this bill. You have no one but yourselves to protect you. You cannot rely on the police . The government is letting infected people into our country.If

you do not have a passport get one and a visa make a plan. Canada is sending an experimental  vaccine (how comforting.) They don’t let anyone infected up there and any other place either. Obama is nuts! We are safe and aware of just how serious this is. The President must have a plan too.

How hypocritical he is. He says not to be afraid to sit next to someone with the disease on a bus, then says they won’t let anyone on a bus that has the disease!  Now they admit it can be transmitted airborne, I thought so. This country is going nowhere fast. Ebola is everywhere, you should be very  careful. If you get sick stay home you will only catch something worse in the hospital. Forget about those cheap cruises, they are practically begging people to go on those death traps. Did you know that last year George Clooney  caught malaria while going to Africa on some save a life

mission. That is why he probably got married,he needs someone to take care of him, he does not look as healthy as he did before. In Florida there

are all sorts of bugs Dallas said not to walk with my bare feet. He sounded serious so now I have to always have a pair of shoes to put on. We even wear swim shoes and he’s not the paranoid type. So I listen to him he’s usually right. My only friend in Port Jervis was told by detective (see how much I

bench press) Mike Myers not to take any pictures in the cemetery, don’t worry guy I have enough already. The only person that was not afraid to help me was Clarence Conklin. He and his family are decent law abiding citizens and the Pastor had asked me for more pictures. What kind of game

is this. MikeMyers went to my friends house and bullied him he said “if anything happens to Rohners family stones (the Berthiumes) that he would get arrested because he was taking pictures.” The pictures he took for me is my own business , I needed some evidence or I would have had to go to creepville myself  to take them . People are complaining that a young man did not get enough jail time when the judge sentenced him to 2 years in jail for desecrating a tombstone. Why isn’t anyone

asking why the 2 men involved in the desecration of my grandparent’s70 year old tombstone are walking around like they have done nothing?

Remember direct cremation or you are entering a place full of contaminants.Funeral parlors are not safe that is where dead people go and who knows what they died of. Of course the Port Jervis boys will be to busy sitting around watching their cameras to protect the citizens of that town.

Where did Father,Pastor or Rev. George Hafeman come from? We all know why they get transferred or don’t you?

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