WE always had a strong connection and we were more like twins when we were younger. She and I enjoyed the same things. We played board

games like candyland,the game of life ,dominoes,checkers, and so much more. When are brother was born she was5 and I was 3, it was like we had gotten a pet or something. When we ended up in the same class in St. Mary’s school is when I first noticed she was treated a little differently and

by association so was I.Things began to change not between us, but how others were starting to behave differently. A new nun was teaching class and was always watching us. She had a stern manner that I had not noticed in our other teachers. I remembered recently that some of the mothers had volunteered to watch the children play during recess, I realize now that they had a part in what happened to us next. I always had lots of friends at that school and so did Marsha,but that year the mothers must have mentioned something to the new nun. They told her that I should be playing with my sister rather than playing kickball with the others. The nun came up to me and told me to spend my recess break with my sister,

what they did not understand was that she liked watching me play that game, she was enjoying herself . The stern nun also said that I should help Marsha with her school work. I was 9 years old when this happened and not prepared to become a tutor. When we got home we did our homework and I was out the door riding my bike and Marsha was always doing 3 things at once , she would turn the radio on and play that loud boggle game of hers. We were a happy family, why didn’t the nun tell my mom to help her? Believe me I wish I  had listened to that old pruned face witch if I

had any idea of what she was about to do. Looking back though part of the blame must have come from that nasty bunch of moms who did’nt think Marsha measured up to be around their kids. Once again the bullies with the big mouths were getting the grease, they wanted us away from their (normal) children and once again the bullies got their way. The nun said that my sister would do better in special ed.  That was the year we were to be confirmed and the Sullivan ave. school we were sent to did not even have special ed. That doesn’t start until 6th grade we were in 5th grade.

Why would they not wait one year to do this to us? It was incredibly cruel, and dealing with Rev. Hafeman has reinforced my dislike of the Catholic

church and the sinners who feel that going to confession makes every evil thing they do go away by saying the Lord’s prayer and a couple of Hail Mary’s. We never went to church again, and nobody missed us. They got what they wanted and that was all that mattered or was it?

My mom was a very smart women, I found information from the Albany school system that made my jaw drop! I knew you would not let them get away with what happened mom and I wish you had told us how you got your revenge(love you mom.) You really stuck it to them and I’m so proud of what you did. Now I know where I got my tenacity it was from you. You stood up for Marsha in such a manner that still astounds me. You never needed a lawyer, no one could have done a better job than you. You did not just do it for her though that was what amazed me the most

you did it for Mike and me also bravo mom!

After you died  Marsha sent me this special Christmas card when I had moved to Florida and I came across it today. In the year2011 the card

she sent me had this written in it. We’re more than sisters we’re friends. We understand each other like no one else ever could. We’re there for each other to share the ups and downs. We’re alike, and we’re different, and we accept each other just as we are…I love you and I wish you every

little happiness at Christmas and always. I love you too  my dear sister, I would do anything for you but never as well as what mom did, we were very

lucky she took it that far and I know she sees that we are happy together now just as much as when we bonded so long ago. Even more because

were not in that ungodly town.You call this paradise and it is,and we have our mother to thank for her courage and great love for all 3 of us. Mom

I praise what you did and still tremble at the amount of strength it must have taken you to carry that off  no attorney could have done better . That took a mother’s

love to protect her young to help lead her on the right course you took. Bravo to our courageous mother Frances Suchoruke Prohira who was not even left to rest in peace. No rest for the weary mom, you made up for every ugly thing they think they got away with, but I’m my mother’s daughter and I’m following your lead. In this case they can never be sure. I read what you accomplished , I know I’m not as smart as you but I

have that same feeling in me to protect  and do whatever I need to do to get justice served. That monster won’t know what hit him until it’s done. Thank God we have Dallas he’s got that strength that I don’t have. Our next step would make you proud. Three words the Catholic Church. Step

aside little boys. Keep doing what you only like to do and that is sitting around wearing out chairs and watching the cameras, who needs you!


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