Sex Education

In middle school they try to talk to you about it. In my class there was a boy who knew more then the poor teacher.  She was trying to explain the use of condoms and Kevin Nugent spoke up and said ” that girls did not like the way they felt.” The teacher was uneasy to put it mildly. Meanwhile

we had heard the word screw used and were perplexed. For some reason I was asked what it meant, they did not know how inexperienced I was

I replied ” I think it’s some kind of kiss.” They seemed satisfied with my answer, but I was just as bewildered as them.  Some classmates got hold of

some porno movies and learned about things that way. I was not so fortunate and did not know anything.  I always had my nose in a book, but that did not stop someone from taking notice of me. I can still remember just holding hands with Kenny Lane. That seemed fine with him but I had

so much to deal with at home. I was going through my rebellious stage. I would skip school and smoke and everyone thought nasty things of me.

My poor parents had to deal with the truant officer, the principal had me come to his office and ask me what I was up to. Yes that principal was Mr.

Ferris. He was vice principal then, the real principal was the kindly Mr. Hoppey, he would just pull on my pigtails and say’ what are we going to do

with you?” T om was my next boyfriend, he had a twin Larry and both were in foster care. Tom was one of the nicest boys I ever met, he said” don’t

you know that you could be popular too.” I said”how Tom?” He refused to tell me  and was greatly embarrassed. I kept nagging him all the time.

Needless to say he moved on to greener pastures.  I did not learn anything until I found a naughty book my mom had hidden in the house.  After

I read it, I was appalled at what most of my fellow classmates were doing to be popular. I decided to be invisible and tolerated the rest of my school years.  I think by then most people thought I was a lesbian. I liked boys, in 12th grade I looked into the eyes of Sandy Farguar and  I

think he liked me too.  He was perfect for me. He liked sports but not too much, he talked but not too loud, and he had interesting friends.  They

were popular but not too popular. He just seemed kind and would talk to everyone. I just knew by then that I did not want to get married and have kids.  I think I knew that my whole life. Shaun Parker stated in one document that I bad mouthed people, say what?  I did not talk to anyone, your

the one that gossiped about everyone while charging me for every letter you were going to have engraved. How would I know what happened to

Jerry Gray ,you told me Shaun. I only disliked him because of the mind games he played on me in high school. I can still feel how embarrassed he

made me feel. One day during lunch he was marching around to get signatures so that he could be class president. I was the only one he did not ask to sign it!  What was his problem. Honestly he purposely avoided asking me, he had the people on both sides of me sign it and did not ask me.

What’s up with that I said to my friends” I think he is a snob.”

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