The Teacher

Port Jervis N.Y. is also homophobic. Years ago a young man named James Olenick robbed and killed a school teacher ( who everyone knew  what most Port Jervis people probably still call them fagots). His defense was that the man made a pass at him. Why didn’t he just run out the door. When he was caught by the police he had the teacher’s wallet in his back pocket. He went to trial and was acquitted of the crime. The town rejoiced!  They showed only sympathy for the macho young man. No

one spoke up for the teacher!

Karma comes into play here when his sister’s two children both died at a very young age under strange circumstances. One was strangled to death and the next year her brother committed

suicide because he missed her so much. Their uncle James Olenick stayed in town and became a plumber , imagine asking him into your home!


copyright  all rights reserved


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