You Don’t Know Jack

Jack Kevorkian was a brave heroic man. People in severe pain caused by an inoperable disease could go to him.  He would give them medication so that they would not have to suffer anymore.  He paid a high price for this. He spent 8 years in prison. He was paroled in 2007.

In 2010 Al Pacino starred in the movie You Don’t Know Jack. He won an emmy award and a golden globe award for his portrayal. What made it

extra special is that Jack Kevorkian was in the audience to see this.  I’m glad that you got to see people were seeing things differently.  There are

5 states where death with dignity is legal, they are Oregon,Washington,Montana,New Mexico and Vermont.

He died in 2012, on his tombstone it reads He Risked Everything For Everyone. The Catholic church would rather see you never give up hope and

faith.  They issued a statement when Brittany Maynard took the medication her doctor had given her.  She had an inoperable brain tumor and was suffering every minute of the day. She chose on Nov.1 of 2014 to take the medication, she had her loved one’s around her and died with dignity.

The Catholic church issued a statement that she should have never given up hope or faith.  In other words they believe in miracles! I think they are just sadistic.  When you see your pet this way you take him to the vet to be put to sleep. Animals are treated better then people!

Who wants to watch a loved one suffer?  I’m glad both of my parents died at home and were not in pain. Others are not so lucky and resort to putting their parent’s away. My brother worked in a nursing home and told us that Oscar Wein was a patient there and no one ever came to see him.

Oscar was the owner of our local radio station and seemed to have been doing that forever. Now his son Bob took over. It seems children only want their parent’s around when they are hale and hearty. My cousin Mary Ann put her mom away so did the Gray children.  Maybe you can look up your birth parent’s now!


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