The Alter Boys

The first ten years of my life were ideal . I felt the love of my family and friends and the quaint little town we loved.  Port Jervis to me was my hometown and I found it delightful.  There was a school right up the hill where we always joined the

summer school recreation . It was always run by a recent college graduate who was enthusiastic about her job. She always

had us making things out of toothpicks, macaroni and glue. We were allowed to do anything we felt like doing. I loved playing checkers with my sister. One day she had me stumped. I could not move my pieces anywhere on the board, I said” Marsh lets

just call this even.” Yes I knew my sister had beaten me,but the way she did it was so interesting, we had  just  started and before I knew it she had won,it was so conniving. I still remember how bewildered I was.

This is the school that failed my sister in kindergarten. They knew she had to have an operation for her vision, that would only have 2 weeks of lost time going to school. She had that done at Horton hospital in Middletown, I missed her so much and she did not cry once, but the rest of us did . We then enrolled for the next five years in St Mary’s Catholic school. I

was popular because I had read a book about how to read palms. I was soon besieged by anyone and everyone who wanted to know how many children they were going to have and how long they were going to live. I had learned a lot from that book and

girls loved to be told that they might be married more then once.  The priests that I remember were Father Bell, Father Richard (who left the church to get married.) After he left they brought in a replacement who paid no attention to the girls.

He seemed overly interested in his game time with the boys. Years later I learned what that priest had done. I knew it was true

because the person that told me was still not over it. One brave boy told his parents what the the priest was doing to the alter

boys. The priest was just sent to cause more damage in another parrish . The boy who told was given a settlement,but money

can’t fix everything.  The damage was done and other boys would not speak up. The boy who told me was a jock in high school.

He  was very popular and had a pretty girlfriend. When he told me years later, and I learned how much damage it had caused in his life I was very glad we had left the Catholic church.  Rev. George Hafeman was so rude to me and told me not to call him again.  What is his job criteria exactly. He has a secretary who did not find me amusing at all.  I just asked isn’t he in the rectory.

she replied that he was on vacation! Say what!  A vacation from his vocation? I learned that he got the job in 2007 the same year my mom died.  He is also the fireman’s Chaplain selected by James Rohner himself. The first time I called him and spoke to him he seemed very apologetic and sincere. He asked me for another picture of  the statue. The police never thought I would be able to come up with one, but I did.  It is on the same page as my handwritten letter of thanks to Shaun Parker. In that one page is their answer to everything. I’m so glad that I learned to save papers and put them in files. This is even postmarked 2009. I am telling Shaun that I was sorry the Rohner was mad at him but to remember that I am the owner not him and that

if any damage is done they will have to face the consequences. He used this little handwritten statement against me. He said I

used the phrase about the aftermath(all I was referring to was Rohner’s tirade.)  Shaun Parker is no longer the coroner, they

now have Medical Examiners. Way to go Shaun how many mistaken diagnosis did you make that they decided they needed

Medical Examiners?  When I call to find out any information , I’m so used to getting the same answer, that this is a family problem.  It’s like getting a recorded message. I did finally learn who made the choice to remove my inscription, and who had to condone it.  St. Mary’s cemetery is not owned by a funeral parlor as Shaun wanted me to believe. I t is so much worse then we ever imagined.  The sandblasting was condoned by the owners of St Mary’s cemetery the Catholic Church!

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