Too Close For Comfort

When Elvis died in 1977, he was seen playing his piano and singing ‘This time you gave me a mountain.” He had given up. I

choose to climb the mountains. My cousin John Prohira was the 1st post I ever read. It was called (if I remember correctly) How to eat an elephant, one bite at a time. I absolutely loved it. I hope it is still on line to read, it certainly deserves to be. I was

so happy when I read it, and so proud of you. I know our dysfunctional family hurt you. Remember though it was our parent’s

battle, not ours. One of my best friends in high school was your sister Delphine. Everyone had the Prohira brown eyes and

you were all so good looking. In my family not one of us had those brown eyes. In science class we were told that brown eyes are

dominate, I always wondered about that. My brother Michael looked so much different then our dad. It was so obvious that my

mom’s nasty sister (my Aunt Kay) said in front of everyone at a family gathering the following outragious   statement ” I don’t know who

Michael looks like!” Needless to say that caused a giant rift between them. I know mom never played around, it was just some

genetic gaffe. Our dad though was getting tired of his friends reactions when he said “this is my son Mike.”They all must have rolled their eyes when you said that dad. You knew he was yours you both have the same earlobes! That was not enough evidence for the gossips in a small town. You both lost in the end. You should have ignored those creeps, Mike paid a big price

for being 6ft. tall and getting almost all the good looks, the lack of companionship and closeness of a father.

Whenever anyone saw me that  knew my mom they all said the same thing ” you can’t deny her Fran.” Yes I look almost like

my mom but not identical. When we lived at 20 Prospect St. (I know Lyn is going to hate this) all the old women that lived around there would stop me and say ” are you the Gillinder girl ?” I would say no and run away.

I found out yesterday that Detective Mike Myers is related to the Galligan family. That was James Rohner’s sister Kathy ‘s last name. They live in Cuddebackville where they have a saw mill. They also have Galligan Rd. Det. Mike Meyers never revealed

his connection .  I found out that Kathy’s son Shaun Galligan is listed as being a close relative of his. Now I understand why he

chose not to investigate my desecrated tombstone , it was a family thing. When I called Mr. Rohner last year when I first heard what was done, and would never find out until 2013 he said ” that was a while ago and the

family wanted my engraving off.” Now I wonder if he was referring to Mike Myers! Does he also think by association he might own my tombstone?  There are so many worms in this can! I am the only one with documents of ownership, doesn’t that mean anything?

I knew already that he took care of all his relatives tickets. I lived in Glen Spey on Rio Dam Rd. with a relative of his wife Dana.

If that person got a ticket he would just hand it over and say”have Mike take care of this.” I was told all about him. One time

he put the ticket in his pocket and did not have a chance to take care of it, Dana had thrown the pants and the ticket into the

washing machine! It actually was a good thing for me,I got

myself out of a terrible relationship after that.

There is still something that I did not know.  I found out that Luverne and Mike Sculley lived in Port Jervis on the very same

street as my cousin and her husband James Rohner.  The Rohners lived at 5 Pine St. the Sculleys lived at 25 Pine St. OMG!

Luverne’s husband Mike died 1st. I was being told how Rohner was wearing braces and getting in better shape, while my cousin

was undergoing chemotherapy (it did not sit well with us, I guess I knew what everyone  else was talking about.) This

monster had his second wife already picked out, before his 1st wife had even died.

Luverne and James Rohner live  at 5 Pine St.  A house my cousin Mary Ann spent most of her time  decorating . She

was always trying to do some improvements. When I had to sell my grandma’s house I called someone in to redo the hard wood floors. The man said ” I just put in hardwood flooring in for Mary Ann and Jim Rohner.” Now another woman is enjoying the fruit of her labors. I find it appalling. Everywhere they look must bring back memories of her. Or are they

so insensitive that they don’t see how awful this seems,I find it to be very disturbing. It also shows that man’s cruel side once again. I keep hoping she never found out before she died, or maybe that’s what killed her when she did.

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