All Is Fair In Love?

There are some things that you should not do. One of these things is stealing your best friend’s boyfriend, even worse is

stealing your cousin’s. That is just what happened to Maureen, her cousin Brigid stole her guy right out in front of her. We all

watched as this little soap opera unfolded before our eyes. I thought Maureen and Ricky made a great couple, they were always laughing and seemed to be enjoying themselves. One day I noticed Mo did not look too happy. We all had to go into the auditorium that day and lo and behold there was Ricky sitting next to Brige.  I did not want to think the worse, but that’s just

what it was. He was now ignoring Maureen and making a play for her own cousin who did not seem to be resisting his attention.

This made me feel awful. I heard Maureen say that her cousin had a heart of stone. She was not happy watching their budding

romance at all.  Brigid once made her mom let her out of the car on top of the hill so that everyone would see her full length fur

coat. She walked slowly to the school like she was a princess or something. Her parents catered to her every whim.  She thought

she should start entering beauty pageants . I guess they were always telling her how pretty she was. One thing you can’t hide is

if your crippled inside. She did win Miss Orange County or something, but did not win  anymore that I can remember. The thing

was that her voice did not match her face. She had a mannish sounding voice. No one must have told her. Meanwhile Maureen

got an offer she could not refuse, her friend Dana asked her to go to live with her family in Florida. Way to go Maureen!  She had

seen enough.  Ricky and Brige continued on . She did not seem to miss her cousin either. Her quest for fame though was not

hampered by losing a beauty pageant.  She thought she could be a model. Her doting parents pranced her around to all the

modeling agencies.  There was just one problem, they kept telling her to lose weight! I guess she did not want it enough or did

not like dieting so those dreams were dashed. She is a  school teacher and is still in the house she grew up in. No I don’t think she married Ricky either.  Maureen at least lives in the lovely state of North Carolina and is happy there.  I think she got the

best of a bad situation!

copyright  all rights resereved


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