The Last of a Dying Breed

Josef Kucher age 77 did not have to die.  The man that beat him to death Dennis McBee 29 should have been in jail.  He was arrested for a parole

violation after he fled the scene of the crime,in the town of Wilkes Barre Pa.  Why was this man walking around in Port Jervis N.Y. The incompetence of the police there once again veers it’s ugly  head.  There seems to be an alert team that serves and protects its citizens in Wilkes Barre, thank you for putting him in your jail and

for  doing your duty, the police there need to be commended. This is just another example of the inept enforcement from the P. J. police. They would never have found the man on their own, he would have gotten away with it. Yes if not for the diligence

of the Wilkes Barre police and a small shop owner who knew enough to put in their own camera he would have gotten away with murder.

They found the surveillance tape at the shop across the street, nothing was found on any of the cameras set up around Port Jervis? Another

thank you should go to the small video store that knew enough to set up their own protection devises. The case was  handled without the

local police having to do anything. I wonder what their cameras are set up to watch? Certainly the area of front street should have been covered!

A brutal murder occurred in broad day light!  Where are the police when this happened? How long has this murderer been living among you? Now

a man who cannot be replaced is dead, an honorable man who loved his work. He was also a veteran of the Korean war. The police in this city left

him unprotected, they left everyone unprotected. This would not have happened in Wilkes Barre. Wake your authorities up, ask to see what is

on there video tape. When you speak to them though, be prepared. They will turn the tables and ask what you were doing there at that time. No one thinks the police are approachable. They like it that way,it is less work for them to look into. They like to intimidate the average citizen. Remember you pay their paychecks, they are supposed to serve and protect. I warned people that they have to protect themselves . The

police have their crime day,it does not seem to be working. I said there should be some police on foot patrol, have you seen any? Of course everyone

will miss Mr. Kucher he was doing a service for people in a throw away society. His shoes were meant to last a lifetime, he was in a dying profession. By the way maybe the politician who should have taken up his offer to be his apprentice is your mayor himself Kelly Decker! At least you would know where to find him. With a heavy heart we must say goodbye to a kind, productive citizen. He deserved to feel protected, what was

left for him to do? Protect himself against the blows of a monster? I wish he had known to not rely on Port Jervis law enforcement. In broad daylight they were not there for him. This is a place where everyone should have something to protect themselves or you end up paying a very

high price.  Mr Kucher should have been armed. This was not supposed to happen. How many times do you have to be shown that the police and detectives are not doing their duty. The mayor should bring in some new faces. The police have an  attitude that astounds me , They will continue

doing little or nothing as long as they get away with it. The first step the mayor should do is see what is on their film, it might open his eyes. Or this

might happen again. Remember the man was not arrested by the Port Jervis police, he was arrested miles away. As long as Mr. Kucher lived

people came to depend on him, he was kind and did not want to retire , he cared about his faithful customers. Thank you for providing this

wonderful service, you will be greatly missed.


copyright   all rights reserved


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