Moving Away and Being Betrayed

My brother did not take over CPR for me in order to save our mom. He was a nurse at the time,he told me to let her go. I told him that she was still breathing, he said ” that is your own breath that is coming out.” She was never out of my sight for very

long, I knocked on her bathroom door screaming, you finally came downstairs and stood in the doorway watching me as I struggled to save her.  For that dear brother I will no longer have contact with you and neither will Marsha. You only stayed

with us because you knew she was dying. All three of us were supposed to be there when we were to open her safe after she died. You were the only one there when it was opened, you took everything out. I would have at least liked to have seen grandpa’s gold watch and chain. That is not the end of what you did, you sold anything of value on ebay. Marsha noticed it first

she said” where is the dragon tea set our father had brought home after being in Japan for WW2.” I did not even notice it was missing. You did not answer her, we all realized what you were doing when Marsha was at work and I was having an operation

for my ulcers. Taking care of her was hard on me and I always mixed baking soda and water to calm my stomach. You probably

knew that was not the right thing to do it actually makes it worse, yes you knew. When I was released from the hospital is when we noticed things had disappeared. It was fine with us though, we did not want them anyway. You did a lot for mom that made that three apartment rental into one where we could all be with her , yet have our own space. We each had are own entrances

and could come and go as we wished. Someone was always there with her, and it was usually me. I loved that time with you mom,and would not have done it any other way. Mike was waiting for his inheritance, we knew it was a lot because you knew how to make very good  investments. Mike knew it too and that’s the only reason he was there. He would even turn off his intercom so I could not bother him. That was unforgivable! When mom died we knew she was a financial genius, the only magazines she read were MONEY & FORBES. You made sure none of us had ever to worry about money again. That was the beginning of my charitable work. The first place to get a check from me was the Humane Society. Mike thought I should get a dog to stay with me when you and Marsha said I could stay and sell the house. They no longer wanted to be there.Selling it was not easy,even though you put a lot of work into it Mike. You put in new wiring and new sinks. I know you

worked hard doing the renovations. The only thing I can’t forgive is what you did to our sister. I was willing to stay in that town for her.  So you drove me around to find one for us. I got the shock of my life one day, you both said ” Marsha is moving into her own place today!” You had strung me along, both of you. Marsha wanted me to leave that city I had come to

hate. Why play those games with me and looking at homes you knew she was not going to live in? You moved away,

and did not call when you got there. I was worried and called the police who contacted the police where you moved. You were fine but did not have time to call me when you arrived safely. You picked out an awful place for Marsha to live. It was in

Tudor Gardens, she told me you picked it out and she hated it there. What was wrong with you, she could have lived in a nice duplex or something! My loving sister lived alone there. She told me she knew how much I hated Port Jervis and wanted

me to move Florida. We had found a letter from our mom telling me to live there. With great trepidation I moved there away

from you. I booked a flight and was supposed to go the following day. I woke up in terrible pain and canceled the flight. I started feeling better and made another flight, I did not want to leave her. I went anyway, she wanted me to. I rented a nice place before buying a house. I could not eat,read or watch T.V. for almost a year, all I did was look for a 2 bedroom 2 bath home where my sister would one day live with me and it had to have a pool and a yard for a dog. Neither my brother or my sister called me to see if I had gotten there alright. I did get 2 strange calls from Shaun Parker and from James Rohner.

Shaun yelled at me ” why didn’t you tell me you had a family feud going on.” I replied that I didn’t know either.” The next call

was from James Rohner with my cousin by his side. Mary Ann could not be understood but Rohner could he said F.U. to me at least 10 times. I just said to Shaun ” I;m sorry for the aftermath but to remember that I was the owner of the tombstone and plot.” I think Mary Ann did not want Joseph Cherwak’s name engraved on my own tombstone because he was the only child from our grandmother Mary’s first family that survived the small pox epidemic. That must be why they were upset but I thought his name belonged there and I still do.


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