You will see by my new picture how much I am suffering. I have been betrayed by my own relatives. I can’t even get them on my

Family tree. Can’t you understand what your actions have done? Wasn’t it right for us to be upset over our desecrated tombstone in St. Mary’s cemetery? I will not stop now. When I found out that you took a stranger over a relative. I understand you must have a lot in common with him. But don’t you remember my mom at all? She loved her nieces. I watched my mom die a thousand times before her death. I blame the man I paid my engraving the most. When someone was upset about it Mr.Shaun Parker only had to say” she paid me and I got the job done. There is nothing I can do about it now.” I am the only one with proof of ownership. That you all hated her so much by condoning this is outrageous. You all have money,Is that why, it was about money? I don’t think so, from the start I new it was a hate crime. Like him, none of you wanted to hear about your Ukrainian roots. Just look at the Black heart tombstone it only has his name on both sides of our cousin Mary Ann’s tombstone.Her first name isn’t even on it,and no mention of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Suchoruke at all. We are kind people and did not believe they could get away with it, with your help they did. I don’t know what you had to do to convince someone that their names did not belong there. You did though,and you are friends with that hateful man who had his second wife picked out before our cousin had died. You don’t even come up on our family tree. How can you sleep at night?


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