I went on ancestry  today and got a little surprise. It seems like someone I have never met is putting up pics of my mom.

At first I thought I had never seen these pictures before, but one I always had remembered. Mom was always a shutterbug

and she took that picture of her father surrounded by his grandchildren. That picture was taken at 209 Jersey Ave. where

grandpa lived upstairs and we lived downstairs. My mom took that picture in 1959 the year I was born. I am the baby that Donna is holding. The people in the picture are my sister and me + my cousins. It was taken on our couch in our living room.

The ones that are in it are Suzanne,Teddy, Mary Ann holding Marsha,Donna is holding a baby that was me,then there is little Brutt and Kathy and of course grandpa with a big smile on his face. Tom + Mike were not born yet. Sorry Ms. Harrison you don’t

know everything. Tom does look similar to his brother,but sense I am the baby your husband was not in that picture and Mike is not in it either. Now do we have that strait, Tom is not in the picture. When I saw who contributed them to ancestry I knew right away that you must have been the one that got a Mr. Harrison to defend those two monsters who sandblasted my loving epitaph off of my tombstone. You are all accomplices to a federal crime of desecrating a tombstone. I don’t know any of you any more. Your going along with that ungodly act that has made us so heartbroken this past year. That is a 100% Ukrainian tombstone with a veteran’s name on it too. I told the police from the start it was a hate crime and not a family feud thing. They kept insisting it was. None of you are my family,you always acted like that. Now I know who gave their permission to sandblast away a loving tribute and that is where their names belonged on their parent’s tombstone. Rohner told me to buy another one. I told him ” I don’t have to that was left just to my mom” and now the plot and tombstone belong only to me.

Ms.Harrison do you have some documentation of ownership? When I filed down here I knew I should have filed in N.Y. but I couldn’t. My sister had just come to live with us after losing her job. I asked the Judge for a change of venue, but she said that I would have to file in the state where the crime was committed.The name of the man that represented them was named Robert Harrison. Your all on Rohner’s side. This man must be related to you someway. I have a good memory Aunt Kay who hated her own sister,still sent her Christmas cards. She mentioned your name in one. At first I said “who is she?” So you married that selfish brat, your probably are one too. Oh yes you drag race. Tommy would not even give his dying father his last wish,and that was to have his ashes sprinkled around his favorite race track. That sounds like him though, he worried more about how it might hurt his time then what his dad’s last wish was.


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