This is my engraving that was sandblasted off as a hate crime gone unpunished

This is my engraving that was sandblasted off as a hate crime gone unpunished



I had my picture taken for my book jacket,I just saw the results of how I feel after going through last year. I am looking at someone else (is this me?) All I see is someone in pain. If that is what you wanted to accomplish, you most certainly did your job well. I was going to have it retaken with at least a slight smile. I decided against that, I want them to see that they did what they wanted. They wanted to hurt me and you can see that you did.

Did the lawyer that you both hired down here tell you how much I cried? I filed in the wrong jurisdiction and I asked the judge if I could have a change of venue. She just said that I had a good case , but that I would have to file where the crime happened.In the right jurisdiction,my joy of having my sister turned into my quest for justice and I started typing and could not seem to stop. I did not even have the happiness that we had felt. Instead I could not eat or sleep and Marsha broke out in hives. I was always calling someone or advertising .My partner had the pleasure of showing Marsha all of the beautiful places that we should have seen together. Instead I could only focus on this horrendous and cruel act of pure hate.

Did he tell you he did not leave the courtroom for as long as I sobbed my heart out for at least twenty minutes. Mr. Harrison did not have another case that day, he just stayed in the court room listening to me. The bailiff was nice and asked me if I needed some water . We got up and left,and I knew I was going to have to go through sheer hell that whole year trying to get help from anyone. I struggled for justice that I never received. I was so happy that my sister was with us but my joy was very fleeting. We both were doomed to face the injustice that I got from everyone. I was bewildered and heartbroken and I still am.

Whenever I looked out at the infinite ocean is the only time I could feel that there is something out there greater then us. It was always like that, I would look at the great beyond and only then believe there could be something greater then us . Yes that is when I believe in God. I look up at the sky and know that it is infinite and believe there is more out there then anyone would ever know. Science tries to tell you about infinity, but there are no sure answers. I believed in the big bang theory long before that comedy show. There are still some unanswered questions for me.


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