You Will Always Be MY Valentine

I was the only one out of the three of us to give you a valentine gift every year. You were born on a perfect day Feb16 1927. It was delightful to be able to get you so many gifts that were left over from Valentines day. This year it falls on a federal holiday,Presidents day. That did not happen very often. This year you would have turned 88 years old. I buy Dallas and Marsha valentine gifts, but it was your birthday when we would snatch up  lovely things to give our mom a very special birthday. It did not make us go broke either, most things were being sold off for practically nothing right before your birthday.\We adored being able to find so many special gifts , like the cherubs that you put on your office shelf and the beautiful colored glass bell that was my last gift to you.

I always had a generous nature and you could not hide the way you felt receiving those precious leftovers. I loved seeing you happy mom. I am still grieving for you, and I will until the day that I die. The law enforcement called the crime a family matter until a law was passed making desecrating a tombstone a federal crime. I knew from the beginning it was a hate crime, especially when he put Mary Ann by herself in a hideous black hearted tombstone with no mention of who her parents were. To just have his last name on both the front and back. I’m glad you did not live to see that monstrosity. She will be away from her 100% Ukrainian family. A fact never mentioned by her second husband,when you had your engagement in the paper you even used her 1’st husbands last name . It read James Rohner to marry Mary Ann Morgan.

She wanted the same white wedding Suzanne and Charlie Romer had.She loved Bill Morgan ,we saw her fall in love. We did too. Rohner must have pulled plenty of strings to get you that wedding you wanted so badly. How much did he give to the catholic church to do what he did, but we saw he was used to getting his way. No one seems to say no to him and his corrupt ways, in fact they enjoy doing cover ups for him. Not this time is all I am saying. Not this time.  Happy birthday mom,my valentine ,my heart.

.Frances Suchoruke Prohira


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