My Gift To You

It’s President’s day and also my mom’s birthday. I know one of the three of us who won’t remember. You our dear brother. You are the one who always said not to talk of the past. If that happens there is a chance it will be repeated. You won’t think of her at all. You are not our family anymore. I made it easy for you. You can now belong to your wife’s family without feeling guilty When we hardly heard from you, I said something so you would have a reason to be free of us. I told your wife that she only married you for your money I had both of you yelling at me at the same time. It sounded like my phone had a stereo system.

I said it to free you. I knew that is what you wanted. That was my gift to you last year. Don’t bother with Marsha either, she sees that you never want anything to do with us again. She finally is not going to be one of those relatives that only sends cards. Cards mean little or nothing without showing up at our door once and a while, save your stamps.

I was astonished when you told me you always had me on speaker phone. A perfect stranger was listening to our private conversations. I hardly use that, except sometimes with Dave’s brother Tim. Even then I find something else to do so that they can speak privately. Some things I said were only meant for your ears.I had never even met her and she certainly never joined in those private conversations, which makes her an eavesdropper as well.

Marsh a and I laugh at the two of you she says how could he ever find anyone like himself. Yes Marsh that is a puzzle. Our younger brother has the driest sense of humor of anyone I know, sometimes you don’t realize he made a joke until he explained it. My sis and I are both Geminis and get along very well,he is a Taurus, enough said. His wife is a Capricorn , enough said. So was our father. Mom is the gentle Aquarius and Dallas is the brave Sagittarius. My theory is that we stay away from those animal signs and we will be fine. Once I sent him a birthday card, instead of being glad that I had remembered he spent 20 minutes  explaining to me why it was an awful card.OMG you won’t have to worry about that anymore.


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