George Eliot

The writer George Eliot  was one of my favorite writers. She was really a woman named Mary Ann Evans. the 2 I loved the most were The Mill On the Floss and Silas Marner. I was surprised to hear that to be taken seriously she used a man’s pseudonym. When I saw the movie The Piano I was very disappointed by the ending . They chose one of those happy ever after ones, which people seem to prefer. I immediately saw a connection to the two stories, The Mill On the Floss and the Piano. What a mistake to have that woman let go of the thing she loved the most.

Was I the only one who saw what would have made it more dramatic and make more sense if she had gone down and not divided with what she risked everything for? That’s why I loved the Mill On the Floss, with the sister not letting go of her brother . They were in their death not divided, it made the ending more dramatic and poignant. The Piano, I would have made a large bet that the woman would never want to let go, but she did. No one was more disappointed than me when her head popped up and all was well. I t was like a Walt Disney thing, although I like Walt Disney, I live in Florida you kind of have to.

I still don’t know for sure if he is frozen and ready to make those happy ever after films again, but a person can only hope that it’s true. The Mill On the Floss was as different from Disney as you can get. Yet I still remember how surprised and delighted that George Eliot chose that heart breaking route, I thought she was going to let her brother die alone and her head would pop up. No, that was never George Eliot’s style, she stayed true in her belief that in their death they were not divided. You Mary Ann Evans made the correct and really the only choice that made such an impact on me. No Hollywood endings for you.


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