The Brothers Grimm

If you have read any fairy tales to your children they were most likely have been written by the brothers Grimm. It is hard to belive that for many, many years we have had been raised listening to what would a PG rating at the least if  any of these gruesome tales were made into movies. I just saw the previews for the movie they are putting out based on one of the most gruesome ones and that is Cinderella. I think the movie if kept to form of the Grimm brothers will have an R rating.

I never thought much about those weird fairy tales until I bought a box of old books at a yard sale. There was a lot of non fiction that looked interesting. That was the only reason I paid the person selling them $3.00 for the whole box. You can have these sales all year long in Florida. If you have any thing you no longer want you just put it in front of your house, it will be gone in an hour. Someone told me that is what some people do for a living. One persons cast offs are another persons next yard sale.

I went looking through my box of books and came upon something fascinating . It was a very old looking book, but what caught my eye were the words Grimm brothers. I opened it and it said the first version. Now that got my attention and when I had some time later that day I started to read it.

I could not put that book down. What I was reading bore only a trace of the disturbing one’s we would listen to. Each one was more horrific than the next. Who I thought would ever decide to revise these outrageous horror stories into some thing remotely child friendly. When I finished I knew those Grimm brothers would haunt me in my sleep.

As I remembered they really were kind of strange reading material for parents to read to put their children to sleep. Even the updated versions are enough to give kids nightmares. What kind of nut thought this was appropriate for children to be raised hearing over and over again. If you get your hands on the original versions you would not even think they were written for children’s ears. They were meant for adults to read like Stephen King books.


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