Was The Pastor Put Out To Pasture?

I wrote a post titled The Pastor Hung Up On Me, I recently found out that Rev. George Hafeman has been replaced as of Feb. 1st. There is now a replacement for him from the St. Francis ofAssisi church in Newburgh (all I know about that charming city is that you don’t go there.) His name is Fr. Matthew Newcomb. I know by hearing where he’s from I will not want to call him. I’m sure he already has been forewarned by the energetic posse for the instigator not to talk to me. Yes I mean the law enforcement of Port Jervis N.Y. I have gone through enough with that bunch of keystone cops to never contact them again. Father Newcomb I will leave it up to you to call me. My name is Nancy Ann Prohira and my mom’s maid an name

is Suchoruke. In 2013 I found out that my grandparent’s tombstone in St. Mary’s cemetery had been desecrated. I am the only one with documentation of ownership and had a loving engraving put on the back of it. I paid E.Arthur Gray Memorials $852 dollars to have an inscription put on. I paid Shaun Parker for each letter that was on it. Mr. Parker has all of the files of who owns what. He is very professional and did not do this without checking and knowing that I own both the tombstone and the plot. A prominent business owner who is also the fire coordinator of Orange county

did not like the fact that my inscription contained 3 more Ukrainian names. My tombstone is 100% Ukrainian, he was married to my cousin Mary Ann. He told Mr. Parker that he would not buy any more tombstones if he did not have it taken off.  Mr. Parker chose greed over what was right and had my engraving sandblasted off, they thought I would not find out. I did when my sister was going to move down to Florida with us. I asked her to say a prayer there.The caretaker Richard Quick told her he could not find it.  I also found out after my cousin died her husband chose a large black heart shaped tombstone for her. On both the front and back is just his last name in large letters. He did not mention who her parent’s were and did not even put her first name on it. The police told me this was a family matter, I told them from the start it was a hate crime. The head Det. Mike Myers was supposed to start an investigation. I now know that he never did. I learned that Det. Myers has listed as his closest relative the instigator’s nephew. They even asked me for a receipt for a Virgin Mary statue that is also gone. The tombstone is almost 70 years old and the first person buried there was my mom’s mother who died in 1951. My mom was 21 years old and had just graduated from college. She had a good job and picked out a beautiful stone made out of marble with a place to put her statue. They tell me it never existed I have a picture of it. The detectives said it was photo shopped. I was the one treated like a criminal. I filed down here against them but was told I would have to file where the crime occurred. I contacted the bar association but all I got was the grave deed from them. They resigned and I cannot find an attorney that will handle this horrible act of pure evil . I still am working on this case and I will not stop until justice is done. I put my uncle Joseph Cherwak’s

name on my engraving he was a veteran from WW11 from 1941-9145. I put out a $1000 dollar reward and got a lot of information. One is a letter from President Harry Truman to this man.

Both of those names belonged on their parent’s tombstone. If you don’t think so show me who else can prove that they own it. They were their children too. We are their grandchildren. Who would even comprehend committing such an unbelievable sickening act of vandalism. Mr. James W Rohner that’s who! Along with the man that cashed my check Mr. Shaun Parker of Gray- Parker funeral parlor who did not want to lose him as a client. Remember it was up to the police to arrest them and charge them with a federal crime. I found out they have the choice of who they arrest, they chose not to . They know both men very well. This is justice for some not justice for all. I now know St. Mary’s cemetery is owned by the catholic church. You can contact me at 941-615-7129 to correct this matter. If not you are condoning this disgusting and unforgivable act of hate and are part of a federal crime.


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