……… The Shotgun Wedding

When my Aunt Fran was 15 my grandparents were told by her father, that if he did not marry her he would put their son Ted in jail. She had the first name of their  beloved daughter my mom. Mom was 21 and the youngest of their children,she could not believe that now there were two Frances Suchorukes in Port Jervis.  The new one frequently dropped her off her kids at mom’s house so that she could visit her mother in Rochester . My grandpa lived upstairs and  mom lived downstairs . He was suffering from emphysema, my mom had to be there for him. This new Fran had killed my grandmother Mary. She was the first to be buried there.

Mom was a college graduate and had been devastated by her loss. She had a good job in the hospital ,she was single and bought herself a brand new Ford Malibu. She still had it when she got married and had three children. It was emerald green and sparkled,

I still remember it . She was the most loved by my grandfather he left her that house on 209 Jersey Avenue, he also left the tombstone and plot to her. They would hate to know that the new Frances is buried next to them. She is not a blood relative and caused them much grief. My mom, their daughter is who they would have there instead, and understandingly so.That is why this was confusing to the (how should I phrase this) not very intelligent law enforcement.  It is worse than that,they did not accept the grave deed I sent to them with my grandfather Dmytro Suchoruke naming his daughter Mrs Wm. Prohira as the owner after he died. My mom was their daughter my mom’s maiden name was Suchoruke, when she got married her last name was Prohira. Grandpa did this to make sure that he did not want one of his other children to have it. Neither of them could afford that tombstone and were just starting their families when his wife died. My mom was the only one who picked it out and bought a Virgin Mary statue for her lovely tombstone for her mom. The 3 of us never met our grandmother, mom was so young and her mother was proud she was the first to graduate from college . She was so proud of her daughter that she wanted to wear it sometimes. both of her parents and siblings were too. Mom was so smart she even did her brother Ted’s taxes for him for years. The undertaker on Ball St. told mom that they would have to cut off her mom’s finger to give her ring back. I would bet a million dollars that the ring was not buried with her, this a bet I would make on anyone buried there. These undertakers have a gruesome job and would not hesitate to remove all the jewelry from the loved ones of people still grieving. I don’t like the way they make you sit and cry for days (it’s morbid.)

I believe in direct cremation, embalming fluid is destroying the earth and water. The wooden coffins are decomposing and so are the bodies in them. You can grieve at home and even have a celebration of their time on earth. People tell stories about them and how much they meant to them, they would be remembered. Believe me I remember my relatives that are no longer with us physically, but they are remembered spiritually every day. You might notice this in some of my posts, it’s like mom saying ” Nancy please do this”, she believed that just like me. It doesn’t mean you can’t put a tombstone up with their names. I used to find comfort with my mom when we went to the cemetery. She would plant flowers and we always left with peace and joy in our hearts. When I found out that a person with no documentation or reason had my beautiful engraving sandblasted off we could not believe it. We are still in pain over the horrendous act and the law firm of Bavoso,Plotsky  and Onofry for defending 2 guilty men . One was full of hate the other was just greedy. Shaun Parker and my cousin Suzanne committed perjury when they made their statements in front of the notary, that is a felony. No one asked Sue for documentations, you just took her word that her father Ted bought it. You believed Shaun Parker when he stated he knew I did not own it. He lied, both should be charged  with felonies for signing those liablest statements.

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