I’m Still Carrying The Torch

Yes when the flame burns low, someone lights it up again. I’m still carrying the torch for justice for my mom and uncle Joe. I

thought that when all my evidence was in that we would get the justice we deserved. Instead the law enforcement of Port Jervis N.Y. is following lead Det. Mike Myer’s words to not even begin an investigation. I found out that he is a close relative to one of the instigators. By knowing that he should have taken himself out of the horrendous act that was allowed to take place, with no reprimand.I asked through the freedom of information act  for the open police file on my case. The documents for me to fill out to get that file

arrived over two months later. The only problem was that I called on Dec.31st. The letter I received was postmarked Dec. 30th, I called the police to try to get an explanation. Another cover up? They did not want me to know that there was nothing in it. I emphasized so many times that my grandparent’s tombstone was 100% Ukrainian and that 8 million more of them were killed during the holocaust than Jewish people. I also said that they deserved to have the engraving put there, they were their children too. I also said that Uncle Joseph Cherwak was a 4 year veteran of WW2.

All the law enforcement gave us was grief , they laughed and said it was a family matter. They were told from the start that it was a hate crime. When It became a federal law the y still laughed, I was told the police had the right to choose who to arrest.

That is very wrong, if that was the case the  mayor Kelly Decker who has the power to fire someone on the force. He had his chance to stop what can easily escalate to a hate which people do not understand. I understood it right away, When my cousin died her husband bought a ugly black tombstone with just his last name on the front an d the back. No one would know that she was from a 100% Ukrainian family. That is because he hates so much and that hate spilled over. Why do you think so many people stayed in their homes and did not leave during Hitler;s reign.No one thought it would go that far, they were not afraid until it was to late to leave. He even attended the Olympics to cheer the German teams on. The United States did not get involved until it was way out of hand. It can happen very fast. Just ask anyone who survived it,it was not that long ago. Some had somehow managed to tell their tales of horror. Imagine if the police dragged you away just for their belief in white supremacy,that is exactly what happened, never forget it. Go rent Schindler’s list or something.

The United Nations are seeing acts of vandalism and desecration starting up again. That is why  they call  malicious acts to artifacts i.e.tombstones are recognized for what they are and that is what is called cultural cleansing. A tombstone in St. Mary’s cemetery in Port Jervis N.Y. was condoned by the law enforcement and the head of the catholic church Rev. George Hafemann. I am the only one with documentation of ownership. That did not matter , the instigator was friends with my mom,s sister’s family and they agreed  with him to have it sandblasted off.My own cousins, I was horrified it was unbelievable. Even now I don;t understand it. I do now after what they put me through, the law enforcement treated me like a criminal. They knew the two prominent businessmen involved and laughed along with them. They liked hearing me beg for their help, it was sickening.

The United Nations had to spell it out to everyone. Acts of hate like this are now being classified as war crimes. Yes they recognized what even I failed to see. When it becomes common place and is happening all over the world they knew that if you forget the past it is doomed to be repeated. This was not a family matter,as I kept being told. They woke everyone up to look back and see what is starting up again. If you watch the news it’s become apparent the past full of hate towards some

Is evidently gotten so bad that what I was told was a frivolous act.is now being seen for what can grow into mass destruction and WW3. You have to acknowledge what was done is  now being classified as a war crime , and rightfully so. Would you even conceive doing what they did, I don’t think so. You have to remember some rise towards hate easily. I t is much easier to hate your fellow man than to love them.

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