Dave was involved with Scientology when I met him. This is his religion and helps him deal with the same problems that pop up once and awhile in everyone’s life. We all deal with things differently though. That is what I have to remember,each of us is not

perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect anything. Everyone is an individual and as long as I remember this and how much he’s been there for me and taken care of me through all kinds of situations. He is the bravest man I know and his good qualities far out weigh anything else. He does not smoke or drink and under his good example neither do I. He treats my sister better than her blood brother who seems to have been looking for a replacement family all of his life. Dave loves Marsha as much as I do and  sometimes I think she likes him more than me. She assures me that she doesn’t .

I’ve found my religion in finding good people that I can’t let go. Treasure them , they are hard to find sometimes. I love the home we live in and the way he tries to make me laugh when I thought I would not be able to again. Yes we’ve made our peace with each other and walk around our property still holding hands. He gives me the strength that no one else has given me and I feel safe when he is here.

I’ve listened to L. Ron Hubbard and the tapes Dave listens to give him that strength and confidence that I’ve come to rely on.

I can’t take that away from him and learn from them sometimes myself.. We have made our own family and we are going to his family reunion in June. I’ve gone to them before and we enjoy our drives back to his hometown in Texas. I’m sorry Dallas that you have to put up with my tirades. You forgive me and I have to remember that you are part of my family now. I never wanted to accept that before. I thought I could find a reason to leave. How can I when he has given me everything I’ve ever wanted.. To make me feel happy after what I’ve had to go through must have been very hard for him to do.

I have to realize and be able to accept what he offers me. No matter how hard I try to run he is there to catch me when I fall.

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