Nikola Tesla

Thomas Edison was friends with Tesla, in the beginning. They each were interested in what  the other was coming up with. The light bulb was something else they both invented and patented . Tesla;s was much better and his ideas for the future of mankind were to be revolutionary.. His ideas were so astounding that he was targeted as being in touch with space aliens. He got J.P. Morgan to back up his idea and  finance it for him. What Tesla did was building a tall energy source that would have harnessed with solar energy. It would have provided enough power for everyone to use and it would be free. We would not have had to deal with wires going up every where. Just think how that would have changed lives, and not have to spend money for electricity to be connected to our homes. He also designed a solar powered car that could go up to 90 mph. J. P. Morgan was not going to benefit from this man’s genius. He had thought Tesla was going to provide a money maker and this is what he did to stop us from the beauty of Tesla’s idea to provide free electricity. He had a crew with a wreaking ball knock the large power source into pieces of rubble. No one wants to provide something for free. What happened next was to hire Edison to do something he could benefit from and have people at their mercy. They started putting up poles with wires to connect to homes. They wanted to make money from this deal . They did not care about the future and problems that we would have to deal with. This was during the depression and when people could not pay for their utilities they could turn it off and people went about without power in there homes. The wires also were dangerous and were often pulled down by a fallen branch or even a large storm , People were forever under their control and electricity was not cheap. It made Tesla a broken man. The man some compared as the next Leonardo De Vinci  had to declare bankruptcy and died poor . He did have some things patented , a coil that is still used in radios today . To some money is their God. They did not foresee the great difference Tesla’s power stations would have made in our lives. Maybe they did but did not care about improving people’s life style. All they cared about was how much money they would make from those ugly ever present wires and poles. People are still at their mercy and the utility bills that we still have to pay.

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