I received many letters from my uncle’s war years.This was
sent by President Harry Truman who was president when he received it.
In the left hand corner in small letters is written White House.
This is my favorite bit of information among many that we received. The two non veterans who acknowledge their part in the sandblasting
of the man praised by the President of the United States are two non veterans praised for doing what is a federal crime. It reads (I as of now will keep the original.)To you who answered the call of your
country and served in its Armed Forces to bring about the total defeat of the enemy, I extend the heartfelt thanks of a grateful Nation. As one of the Nation’s finest, you undertook the most severe task one can be called upon to perform. Because you demonstrated the fortitude, resourcefulness and calm judgement necessary to carry out that task, we now look to you for leadership and example in further exalting our
country in peace.

The President’s signature


THE WHITE HOUSE is here in Tiny letters but all are in upper case

Citizens of Port Jervis N.Y. I had to Offer a reward .Not one person
contacted me with any knowledge just defense for desecration of a tombstone only I had ownership paper;s for. Even The head of St. Mary’s Churdh who I turned to for a kind word or consolation , told me not to call him again. He is the paid Chaplain for the fire house reffered to as the Taj Majal. We turned down the referendum 3 times. Mayor Gray passed it until we got tired of voting NO. (Firemen he could
count on for votes.)That mayor even gave himself a raise every now and then. He even had the 2 terms changed so he could run again!

copyright all rights reserved


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