I’m Still Carrying The Torch

Yes when the flame burns low, someone lights it up again. I’m still carrying the torch for justice for my mom and uncle Joe. I

thought that when all my evidence was in that we would get the justice we deserved. Instead the law enforcement of Port Jervis N.Y. is following lead Det. Mike Myer’s words to not even begin an investigation. I found out that he is a close relative to one of the instigators. By knowing that he should have taken himself out of the horrendous act that was allowed to take place, with no reprimand.I asked through the freedom of information act  for the open police file on my case. The documents for me to fill out to get that file

arrived over two months later. The only problem was that I called on Dec.31st. The letter I received was postmarked Dec. 30th, I called the police to try to get an explanation. Another cover up? They did not want me to know that there was nothing in it. I emphasized so many times that my grandparent’s tombstone was 100% Ukrainian and that 8 million more of them were killed during the holocaust than Jewish people. I also said that they deserved to have the engraving put there, they were their children too. I also said that Uncle Joseph Cherwak was a 4 year veteran of WW2.

All the law enforcement gave us was grief , they laughed and said it was a family matter. They were told from the start that it was a hate crime. When It became a federal law the y still laughed, I was told the police had the right to choose who to arrest.

That is very wrong, if that was the case the  mayor Kelly Decker who has the power to fire someone on the force. He had his chance to stop what can easily escalate to a hate which people do not understand. I understood it right away, When my cousin died her husband bought a ugly black tombstone with just his last name on the front an d the back. No one would know that she was from a 100% Ukrainian family. That is because he hates so much and that hate spilled over. Why do you think so many people stayed in their homes and did not leave during Hitler;s reign.No one thought it would go that far, they were not afraid until it was to late to leave. He even attended the Olympics to cheer the German teams on. The United States did not get involved until it was way out of hand. It can happen very fast. Just ask anyone who survived it,it was not that long ago. Some had somehow managed to tell their tales of horror. Imagine if the police dragged you away just for their belief in white supremacy,that is exactly what happened, never forget it. Go rent Schindler’s list or something.

The United Nations are seeing acts of vandalism and desecration starting up again. That is why  they call  malicious acts to artifacts i.e.tombstones are recognized for what they are and that is what is called cultural cleansing. A tombstone in St. Mary’s cemetery in Port Jervis N.Y. was condoned by the law enforcement and the head of the catholic church Rev. George Hafemann. I am the only one with documentation of ownership. That did not matter , the instigator was friends with my mom,s sister’s family and they agreed  with him to have it sandblasted off.My own cousins, I was horrified it was unbelievable. Even now I don;t understand it. I do now after what they put me through, the law enforcement treated me like a criminal. They knew the two prominent businessmen involved and laughed along with them. They liked hearing me beg for their help, it was sickening.

The United Nations had to spell it out to everyone. Acts of hate like this are now being classified as war crimes. Yes they recognized what even I failed to see. When it becomes common place and is happening all over the world they knew that if you forget the past it is doomed to be repeated. This was not a family matter,as I kept being told. They woke everyone up to look back and see what is starting up again. If you watch the news it’s become apparent the past full of hate towards some

Is evidently gotten so bad that what I was told was a frivolous act.is now being seen for what can grow into mass destruction and WW3. You have to acknowledge what was done is  now being classified as a war crime , and rightfully so. Would you even conceive doing what they did, I don’t think so. You have to remember some rise towards hate easily. I t is much easier to hate your fellow man than to love them.

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……… The Shotgun Wedding

When my Aunt Fran was 15 my grandparents were told by her father, that if he did not marry her he would put their son Ted in jail. She had the first name of their  beloved daughter my mom. Mom was 21 and the youngest of their children,she could not believe that now there were two Frances Suchorukes in Port Jervis.  The new one frequently dropped her off her kids at mom’s house so that she could visit her mother in Rochester . My grandpa lived upstairs and  mom lived downstairs . He was suffering from emphysema, my mom had to be there for him. This new Fran had killed my grandmother Mary. She was the first to be buried there.

Mom was a college graduate and had been devastated by her loss. She had a good job in the hospital ,she was single and bought herself a brand new Ford Malibu. She still had it when she got married and had three children. It was emerald green and sparkled,

I still remember it . She was the most loved by my grandfather he left her that house on 209 Jersey Avenue, he also left the tombstone and plot to her. They would hate to know that the new Frances is buried next to them. She is not a blood relative and caused them much grief. My mom, their daughter is who they would have there instead, and understandingly so.That is why this was confusing to the (how should I phrase this) not very intelligent law enforcement.  It is worse than that,they did not accept the grave deed I sent to them with my grandfather Dmytro Suchoruke naming his daughter Mrs Wm. Prohira as the owner after he died. My mom was their daughter my mom’s maiden name was Suchoruke, when she got married her last name was Prohira. Grandpa did this to make sure that he did not want one of his other children to have it. Neither of them could afford that tombstone and were just starting their families when his wife died. My mom was the only one who picked it out and bought a Virgin Mary statue for her lovely tombstone for her mom. The 3 of us never met our grandmother, mom was so young and her mother was proud she was the first to graduate from college . She was so proud of her daughter that she wanted to wear it sometimes. both of her parents and siblings were too. Mom was so smart she even did her brother Ted’s taxes for him for years. The undertaker on Ball St. told mom that they would have to cut off her mom’s finger to give her ring back. I would bet a million dollars that the ring was not buried with her, this a bet I would make on anyone buried there. These undertakers have a gruesome job and would not hesitate to remove all the jewelry from the loved ones of people still grieving. I don’t like the way they make you sit and cry for days (it’s morbid.)

I believe in direct cremation, embalming fluid is destroying the earth and water. The wooden coffins are decomposing and so are the bodies in them. You can grieve at home and even have a celebration of their time on earth. People tell stories about them and how much they meant to them, they would be remembered. Believe me I remember my relatives that are no longer with us physically, but they are remembered spiritually every day. You might notice this in some of my posts, it’s like mom saying ” Nancy please do this”, she believed that just like me. It doesn’t mean you can’t put a tombstone up with their names. I used to find comfort with my mom when we went to the cemetery. She would plant flowers and we always left with peace and joy in our hearts. When I found out that a person with no documentation or reason had my beautiful engraving sandblasted off we could not believe it. We are still in pain over the horrendous act and the law firm of Bavoso,Plotsky  and Onofry for defending 2 guilty men . One was full of hate the other was just greedy. Shaun Parker and my cousin Suzanne committed perjury when they made their statements in front of the notary, that is a felony. No one asked Sue for documentations, you just took her word that her father Ted bought it. You believed Shaun Parker when he stated he knew I did not own it. He lied, both should be charged  with felonies for signing those liablest statements.

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Was The Pastor Put Out To Pasture?

I wrote a post titled The Pastor Hung Up On Me, I recently found out that Rev. George Hafeman has been replaced as of Feb. 1st. There is now a replacement for him from the St. Francis ofAssisi church in Newburgh (all I know about that charming city is that you don’t go there.) His name is Fr. Matthew Newcomb. I know by hearing where he’s from I will not want to call him. I’m sure he already has been forewarned by the energetic posse for the instigator not to talk to me. Yes I mean the law enforcement of Port Jervis N.Y. I have gone through enough with that bunch of keystone cops to never contact them again. Father Newcomb I will leave it up to you to call me. My name is Nancy Ann Prohira and my mom’s maid an name

is Suchoruke. In 2013 I found out that my grandparent’s tombstone in St. Mary’s cemetery had been desecrated. I am the only one with documentation of ownership and had a loving engraving put on the back of it. I paid E.Arthur Gray Memorials $852 dollars to have an inscription put on. I paid Shaun Parker for each letter that was on it. Mr. Parker has all of the files of who owns what. He is very professional and did not do this without checking and knowing that I own both the tombstone and the plot. A prominent business owner who is also the fire coordinator of Orange county

did not like the fact that my inscription contained 3 more Ukrainian names. My tombstone is 100% Ukrainian, he was married to my cousin Mary Ann. He told Mr. Parker that he would not buy any more tombstones if he did not have it taken off.  Mr. Parker chose greed over what was right and had my engraving sandblasted off, they thought I would not find out. I did when my sister was going to move down to Florida with us. I asked her to say a prayer there.The caretaker Richard Quick told her he could not find it.  I also found out after my cousin died her husband chose a large black heart shaped tombstone for her. On both the front and back is just his last name in large letters. He did not mention who her parent’s were and did not even put her first name on it. The police told me this was a family matter, I told them from the start it was a hate crime. The head Det. Mike Myers was supposed to start an investigation. I now know that he never did. I learned that Det. Myers has listed as his closest relative the instigator’s nephew. They even asked me for a receipt for a Virgin Mary statue that is also gone. The tombstone is almost 70 years old and the first person buried there was my mom’s mother who died in 1951. My mom was 21 years old and had just graduated from college. She had a good job and picked out a beautiful stone made out of marble with a place to put her statue. They tell me it never existed I have a picture of it. The detectives said it was photo shopped. I was the one treated like a criminal. I filed down here against them but was told I would have to file where the crime occurred. I contacted the bar association but all I got was the grave deed from them. They resigned and I cannot find an attorney that will handle this horrible act of pure evil . I still am working on this case and I will not stop until justice is done. I put my uncle Joseph Cherwak’s

name on my engraving he was a veteran from WW11 from 1941-9145. I put out a $1000 dollar reward and got a lot of information. One is a letter from President Harry Truman to this man.

Both of those names belonged on their parent’s tombstone. If you don’t think so show me who else can prove that they own it. They were their children too. We are their grandchildren. Who would even comprehend committing such an unbelievable sickening act of vandalism. Mr. James W Rohner that’s who! Along with the man that cashed my check Mr. Shaun Parker of Gray- Parker funeral parlor who did not want to lose him as a client. Remember it was up to the police to arrest them and charge them with a federal crime. I found out they have the choice of who they arrest, they chose not to . They know both men very well. This is justice for some not justice for all. I now know St. Mary’s cemetery is owned by the catholic church. You can contact me at 941-615-7129 to correct this matter. If not you are condoning this disgusting and unforgivable act of hate and are part of a federal crime.

The Brothers Grimm

If you have read any fairy tales to your children they were most likely have been written by the brothers Grimm. It is hard to belive that for many, many years we have had been raised listening to what would a PG rating at the least if  any of these gruesome tales were made into movies. I just saw the previews for the movie they are putting out based on one of the most gruesome ones and that is Cinderella. I think the movie if kept to form of the Grimm brothers will have an R rating.

I never thought much about those weird fairy tales until I bought a box of old books at a yard sale. There was a lot of non fiction that looked interesting. That was the only reason I paid the person selling them $3.00 for the whole box. You can have these sales all year long in Florida. If you have any thing you no longer want you just put it in front of your house, it will be gone in an hour. Someone told me that is what some people do for a living. One persons cast offs are another persons next yard sale.

I went looking through my box of books and came upon something fascinating . It was a very old looking book, but what caught my eye were the words Grimm brothers. I opened it and it said the first version. Now that got my attention and when I had some time later that day I started to read it.

I could not put that book down. What I was reading bore only a trace of the disturbing one’s we would listen to. Each one was more horrific than the next. Who I thought would ever decide to revise these outrageous horror stories into some thing remotely child friendly. When I finished I knew those Grimm brothers would haunt me in my sleep.

As I remembered they really were kind of strange reading material for parents to read to put their children to sleep. Even the updated versions are enough to give kids nightmares. What kind of nut thought this was appropriate for children to be raised hearing over and over again. If you get your hands on the original versions you would not even think they were written for children’s ears. They were meant for adults to read like Stephen King books.

George Eliot

The writer George Eliot  was one of my favorite writers. She was really a woman named Mary Ann Evans. the 2 I loved the most were The Mill On the Floss and Silas Marner. I was surprised to hear that to be taken seriously she used a man’s pseudonym. When I saw the movie The Piano I was very disappointed by the ending . They chose one of those happy ever after ones, which people seem to prefer. I immediately saw a connection to the two stories, The Mill On the Floss and the Piano. What a mistake to have that woman let go of the thing she loved the most.

Was I the only one who saw what would have made it more dramatic and make more sense if she had gone down and not divided with what she risked everything for? That’s why I loved the Mill On the Floss, with the sister not letting go of her brother . They were in their death not divided, it made the ending more dramatic and poignant. The Piano, I would have made a large bet that the woman would never want to let go, but she did. No one was more disappointed than me when her head popped up and all was well. I t was like a Walt Disney thing, although I like Walt Disney, I live in Florida you kind of have to.

I still don’t know for sure if he is frozen and ready to make those happy ever after films again, but a person can only hope that it’s true. The Mill On the Floss was as different from Disney as you can get. Yet I still remember how surprised and delighted that George Eliot chose that heart breaking route, I thought she was going to let her brother die alone and her head would pop up. No, that was never George Eliot’s style, she stayed true in her belief that in their death they were not divided. You Mary Ann Evans made the correct and really the only choice that made such an impact on me. No Hollywood endings for you.

My Gift To You

It’s President’s day and also my mom’s birthday. I know one of the three of us who won’t remember. You our dear brother. You are the one who always said not to talk of the past. If that happens there is a chance it will be repeated. You won’t think of her at all. You are not our family anymore. I made it easy for you. You can now belong to your wife’s family without feeling guilty When we hardly heard from you, I said something so you would have a reason to be free of us. I told your wife that she only married you for your money I had both of you yelling at me at the same time. It sounded like my phone had a stereo system.

I said it to free you. I knew that is what you wanted. That was my gift to you last year. Don’t bother with Marsha either, she sees that you never want anything to do with us again. She finally is not going to be one of those relatives that only sends cards. Cards mean little or nothing without showing up at our door once and a while, save your stamps.

I was astonished when you told me you always had me on speaker phone. A perfect stranger was listening to our private conversations. I hardly use that, except sometimes with Dave’s brother Tim. Even then I find something else to do so that they can speak privately. Some things I said were only meant for your ears.I had never even met her and she certainly never joined in those private conversations, which makes her an eavesdropper as well.

Marsh a and I laugh at the two of you she says how could he ever find anyone like himself. Yes Marsh that is a puzzle. Our younger brother has the driest sense of humor of anyone I know, sometimes you don’t realize he made a joke until he explained it. My sis and I are both Geminis and get along very well,he is a Taurus, enough said. His wife is a Capricorn , enough said. So was our father. Mom is the gentle Aquarius and Dallas is the brave Sagittarius. My theory is that we stay away from those animal signs and we will be fine. Once I sent him a birthday card, instead of being glad that I had remembered he spent 20 minutes  explaining to me why it was an awful card.OMG you won’t have to worry about that anymore.